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heypatrickopensesame OPENSESAME wants to set a world record:

Most Cookies Clicked In "Cookie Clicker" (Online)

Record Attempt: 40,343 quintillioncookies Current Record: 1,160,869,237cookies

Record Attempt

40,343 quintillioncookies


- no boosts allowed
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria
- must provide video evidence

Set On

November 13, 2020




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Community Analysis

  • United States Caleb Shamo

    Caleb Shamo

    You need to show the name Show me it saying opensesame Also need to show you achievements so we know you didn't cheat cookies If you are legit this far you have a save-give us the save

  • United States qweqewqweqwe


    Infinity is not actually infinity, It's actually 1 centillion. The reason for it saying "Infinity" is because 1 centillion is not a number in the game. The real value of 1 centillion is 10^303. Even if you had a steady clicks per second rate of 100 it would still take you over 10^250 years. EVEN IF you had a steady cookies per second rate of 10^100 you would only get 3.1536e+109 in a life time. You are cheating.

  • Slovenia heypatrickopensesame OPENSESAME

    heypatrickopensesame OPENSESAME


  • Slovenia heypatrickopensesame OPENSESAME

    heypatrickopensesame OPENSESAME

    i have infinity AND BEYOND!