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Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most # of Featured Records on the Urdb Home Page

Record Attempt: 2

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Record Attempt


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June 23, 2011


Stambaugh, Kentucky


It's June 23rd at 12:20pm. On the URDB home page on the featured records I currently have 2 featured world records. There are 3 spots for featured record videos and I have 2 of them. One is me dribbling a basketball off the hood of a blazer/suv and the other is one I done ripping baseball cards in half in 10 secs. I'm not submitting this for the most records on the home page but for the most featured records on the home page. Where there is 3 spaces for featured record videos at the top of the home page. I come in from working on a couple of my vechiles with Dad, one of my brothers, and myself. I turned on the computer and went to the URDB page and seen that 2 of my records were on the featured records spot at once! I've got 2 out of 3 of the featured spots! So I came up with the idea for this record and thought i'd submitt and throw the idea out there for you guys to see! Thanks for putting both records in the featured spots! Also a big thanks for all the records you've accepted from me since I got involved with you guys back in April!!! I can't thank you guys enough!! Once again THANKS!!!!! other 2

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