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Xiulin Chang wants to set a world record:

Longest Single Breath Language Song by a World's Super Extroardinary Khoomei Singer

Record Attempt: 00:00.0min/sec

Record Attempt


Set On

December 20, 2012


Bei Jing


State/Province: 0 This is the vidio showed in the new year Festival of 2013

Community Analysis

  • China Xiulin Chang

    Xiulin Chang

    wow,so many good comments and kind sugguestions from you, you are really helping me out, i will learn a lot from you who is a really expert in musical field, and thank you again with my best wishes to you!

  • China yuhuan wang

    yuhuan wang

    it is really funny performance combine the laguage song with Khoomei together that will be enough to show in the American got tallent to win that big prize if you will replace a english famous song ,you are really the World's most Super Extroardinary famous Khoomei Singer,and no one can break you right now, so you will be the official world record holder soon.