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Tom Zolotor wants to set a world record:

Most Digital Artwork in Space and on the Shuttle Atlantis

Record Attempt: 106 artworksinches

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Record Attempt

106 artworksinches

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July 21, 2011


phoenix , Arizona


I would like to hold the Record of having the most digital artwork in space and on the shuttle Atlantis shuttle?

My name is Thomas Zolotor I got the image or print of a painting in space. It went up on Atlantis the very last space shuttle on the 'face in space program'. I have proof of this that I can email. I have done a search of the net a few other artwork that got into space was in 1969's moon landing. I used the 'face in space' program that I know of since I did a huge web search and found nothing of the kind. My art is on my sisters photo named 'Wendy 2 ART.jpg. and a screen shot of me submitting the art. I have an official certificate signed by the commander. I drew on my family's photos and had them submitted to the "Face in space program"

I talking about digital art...art that is transmittedfrom the NASA's computer to the shuttle. I not talking about actual originals taken aboard the shuttle.

ZOLOTOR HAS HAD 152 OF HIS ORIGINAL WORKS ABOARD VARIOUS SPACE SHUTTLE FLIGHTS, INCLUDING MORE THAN 106 ABOARD SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS. He writes, "There has been other artworks that got into space before mine did, but not very many did. The proof in on this Wikipedia link below. This is absolute proof that I got the most digital artworks into space aboard 3 different shuttles with 152." Space art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_art


http://www.wix.com/fluxfaceinspace/exhibit#!__page-1 127 artists from 26 nations.


Michael Markowsky SPACE ART : A HISTORY

Also, the most anyone got their art into space was 3 artworks by the face in space program except for me.....this is used for people's face and most did not draw on their "Faces."

I would like to hold the Record of having the most digital artwork in space or on a shuttle?

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