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Andy Pelphrey wants to set a world record:

Most World Records Set In One Minute

Record Attempt: 26records Current Record: 14records

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- all records set must follow URDB guidelines
- all attempts must be approved to qualify

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June 21, 2011


Stambaugh, Kentucky


I was going for 26 records out of this. Here they are 1-26. 1- world record most # times petting stuffed trout-total 3times. 2-petting stuffed rabbit-total-4times. 3-petting mounted bass-total 5 times. most times petting mounted squirrell-total-6 times. most times petting mounted deer head-total 7 times. world records 6-10 involve the most # of times to kiss each object. 6-kiss mounted deer head- total 3 times. 7- kiss mounted squirrell- total 4 times. 8-kiss mounted bass- total 5 times. 9- kiss a stuffed rabbit- total 6 times. 10- kiss a stuffed trout- total 7 times. World records 11-15 involve the most times to blow a whistle at each object. 11-most times to blow whistle at stuffed trout- total 3 times. 12-blow whistle at stuffed rabbit- total 4 times. 13- blow whistle at mounted bass- total 5 times. 14 blow whistle at mounted squirrell- total 6 times. 15 most times blow whistle at mounted deer head- total 7 times. World records 16-20 involve furthest distance to hit each object by tossing and hitting each object with a can from the furthest distance. world record #16- furthest distance to hit stuffed trout with can- total 66in.- #17- hitting stuffed rabbit with can- total 66in.- #18- hitting mounted bass with can- total 74in. -#19- hitting mounted squirrell with can- total 67in. -#20 hitting mounted deer head with can- total 81 in. - World records #21-#25 involve the furthest distance to toss an empty plastic bottle to hit each object with. #21- furthest distance to hit mounted deer head with empty bottle- total 81in. -#22 hitting mounted squirrell with empty plastic bottle- total- 67in. -#23 hitting mounted bass with empty bottle- total 74in. -#24 hitting stuffed rabbit with empty bottle- total 66in. -#25 hitting stuffed trout with empty bottle- total 66in. - World record #26 is for The Most # of World Records Set In One Minute which is 26. I was hopeing to get 26 seperate world records out of this. I don't know how to go back to the film and break down and send in each segment of each seperate record and send them in by themselves. I hope this will work. Thanks, this record attempt was alot of fun, me and Crystal both enjoyed it! Me attempting it and her filming it1 Crystal really got a big kick out of watching me kiss each animal! Once again thanks!! I'm sending in a seperate peice of film of me getting the measurements and distances of the record attempts that were a part of this world record attempt. Thanks records 26

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