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00:15 United States

Most Hours Logged On An iPhone Stopwatch

Joshua Mallik

Joshua Mallik has logged 78,888 hours, 32.80 seconds on his iPhone stopwatch.

00:32 United States

Shortest Time Recorded On A Stopwatch


Jon Gardner started and stopped a stopwatch in 0.05 seconds.

01:10 Germany

Most Laps Taken On A Stopwatch

Daniel Albert

Daniel A. took 30,384 laps on his stopwatch.


Closest Time To "1:15.00" On A Stopwatch


Joseph Nagy photographed a time of 1:15.001 on an online stopwatch. This was 0.001 seconds away from his goal of 1:15.00.

04:16 United States

Fastest Time To Start And Stop An Online Stopwatch

Justin Dix

Justin D. stopped an online stopwatch in .005 seconds.

00:47 United States

Longest Time On A Stop Watch

Matt Niman

Matt N. timed 29,564 hours and 50 minutes (1,773,890 minutes) on a stop watch.

00:51 United States

Most Times Pressing The Lap Button On An iPhone Stopwatch In 10 Seconds

Lars Olson

Lars O. pressed the "lap" button on his iPhone stopwatch 113 times in 10 seconds.

00:26 United States

Most Times Pressing The Lap Button On An iPad Stopwatch In 10 Seconds

Matthew O'Neal

Matthew O. pressed the lap button on her iPad stopwatch 112 times in 10 seconds.

00:11 United States

Fewest Attempts Needed To Stop iPhone Stopwatch At Exactly 1.0 Seconds

Taj Ubom

Taj Ubom got his iPhone stopwatch to stop at exactly 1.0 seconds on his first attempt.

01:09 United States

Fastest Time To Hit The Lap Button On Stopwatch On An LG CB630 Invision Phone

Darius Goad

Darius Goad hit the lap button on the stopwatch application on an LG CB630 Invision[] phoneat .44 seconds and 1.03 seconds with a total speed of .19 seconds.

00:14 United States

Most Consecutive Times To Stop An iPhone Stopwatch At Exactly 0.1 Second In 10 Seconds

Eddie Ho

Eddie H. stopped an iPhone stopwatch at exactly 0.1 second 14 times in 10 seconds.

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