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01:11 India

Most Catches Juggling Three Pomegranates While Seated

Kartik Hingu

Kartik Hingu completed 214 catches juggling three pomegranates while seated.

00:33 Australia

Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On Middle Finger While Juggling Two Balls


WoofDeadBang spun a basketball on his middle finger for 9.90 seconds while juggling two balls with his other hand.

00:55 United States

Longest Seated Golf Shot

Matty du Plessis

Matty D. made a successful golf shot from 212 yards away while seated.

14:45 United States

Most Nutri-Grain Bars Eaten In One Sitting

Naader Reda

Naader Reda ate 50 Nutri-Grain bars in one sitting. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

02:23 Australia

Tallest Tissue Box Tower Balanced Vertically On Thumb While Seated


Brendan Kelbie balanced five tissue boxes stacked vertically on his thumb while seated.

01:11 England

Longest Time Balancing A Soccer Ball On Head While Seated

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly balanced a soccer ball on his head for 52.19 seconds while seated.

06:26 Canada

Longest Time Balancing Four Wine Goblets On Thumb While Seated

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced four wine goblets on his thumb for five minutes, 2.91 seconds while seated.

01:38 United States

Longest Time Sitting On A Couch While Holding An Electric Bass Guitar And Half-Inch Metal Screw In Each Nostril

Micah Chorost

Micah C. sat on a couch for one minute, 36.25 seconds while holding an electric bass guitar and half-inch metal screw in each nostril.

06:07 India

Longest Time Balancing A Guitar On Nose

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a guitar on his nose for five minutes, 14.17 seconds.

03:18 India

Longest Time Squatting On Two Basketballs

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur performed a squat while balancing on two basketballs for two minutes, 51.59 seconds.

05:43 India

Longest Time Sitting On A Basketball

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur sat on a basketball for five minutes, 10.55 seconds.

00:10 Germany

Fastest Time To Inflate A Balloon And Pop It By Sitting

Christian Graumann

Christian G. inflated a balloon and popped it by sitting in 7.60 seconds.

04:15 Scotland

Longest One-Leg Wall Sit While Holding A 2.5-Kilogram Weight At Shoulder Height

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a one-leg wall sit for three minutes, 16.12 seconds while holding a 2.5-kilogram weight at shoulder height.

15:55 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Clasping Hands On Chest

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit while clasping his hands on his chest for 15 minutes, 23.97 seconds.

06:05 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Preacher Curling A 25-Pound Z-Bell

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit for five minutes, 3.88 seconds while preacher curling a 25-pound Z-bell.

05:57 Scotland

Longest Wall Sit While Preacher Curling A 35-Pound Z-Bell

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit for four minutes, 6.51 seconds while preacher curling a 35-pound z-bell.

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