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00:35 Belgium

Most Times Blowing A Whistle At The Sea In 30 Seconds


VTKlustrum blew a whistle at the sea 104 times in 30 seconds.

06:34 United States

Fastest Two-Person Row Across The North Sea

Perfecto Sanchez and Greg Maud

Perfecto Sanchez and Greg Maud rowed across the North Sea in 45 hours, 22 minutes. They set the record to benefit Mission Blue and raise awareness of the damage being done to marine ecosystems. Read more about the feat here.

01:11 United States

Most People In China Simultaneously Surfing A Single Wave

Brendan Sheridan

A total of 15 surfers rode a wave at once. The record was set during the XSories Jalenboo Surf and Skate Contest in Hainan, China. Read more about it here.

01:21:48 England

Fastest Time For Sea Kayakers To Paddle Croatia, Bosnia, And Montenegro

Natasha Lindley

Natasha Lindley and Julian Short paddled to Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro in 11 days using sea kayaks. Learn more about the feat here.

03:28 Portugal

Largest Wave Surfed

Carlos Burle

Carlos Burle surfed a 100-feet tall wave, setting a surfing world record. He set the record off the coast of central Portugal.

16:15 Cyprus

Most Consecutive Soccer Ball Volleys Using Heads While Standing In Water

Dimos and Renos Christodoulidis

Dimos and Renos completed 1,925 consecutive soccer ball volleys using their heads while standing in the sea.

07:42 Croatia

Most Steps Taken Walking Over A Sand-Covered Person


Khaled A. walked six steps over his friend's body while he was buried in the sand.

01:26 United States

Most Consecutive Cartwheels On A Beach

Holly Durbin

Holly D. performed 52 consecutive cartwheels while on a beach.

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