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Highest Score On Level 5-21 Of "Angry Birds"

Erwin Maassen

Amauta earned 195,810 points on level 5-21 of Angry Birds.

06:33 Australia

Most Miniature Golf Holes-in-One In 24 Hours

Allan Cox

Allan Cox of The Chaising Aces Team scored 1,516 holes-in-one on a miniature golf course in 24 hours. He set the record to raise funds for the Oncology Department at The Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia. Over $9,000 dollars were raised.

United States

Highest Score In Mr. Do's Castle

Patrick Scott Patterson

Patrick Scott Patterson earned 240,820 points in Mr. Do’s Castle. Patterson performed the feat in the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show.

02:12:03 United States

Highest Score In "Asteroids" For Atari 2600

Paul Zimmerman

Paul Zimmerman earned 702,013 points in Asteroids for Atari 2600.

United States

Highest Score In "Falldown"

Cody Tebbetts

Cody T. earned 269 points in Falldown 3D.

02:00:01 United States

Highest Score On Mario Bros. (NES)

Phil Timmons

Phil Timmons earned 2,727,840 points playing Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System. See entire video here.

00:57 Australia

Highest Score On "iCopter" (Mobile)

Rishi Halkhoree

Rishi H. earned 4566 points in iCopter.

00:03 Italy

Fastest Time To Finish "Pedal Pushers" Mini Game In "Mario Party" (DS)

omar mosti

Omar M. finished the Pedal Pushers mini game in Mario Party in 15.93 seconds.


Highest Score On Level 4-20 of "Angry Birds"

Köksal Durmaz

Kouml;ksal Durmaz earned 116,680 points on Level 4–20 in World 2 ofAngry Birds.

United States

Highest Score On Level 14-1 Of "Angry Birds"

Kenton Hanson

Kenton Hansonearned 123,800 points on Level 14–1 in World 5 ofAngry Birds[].


Highest Score On Level 10-11 Of "Angry Birds"

Köksal Durmaz

Kouml;ksal Durmaz earned 139,280 points on Level 10–11 in World 4 ofAngry Birds.

United States

Most Runs Scored Against A Major League Team In "World Series Superstars"

Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez scored 30 runs against a major league team in World Series Superstars[].

United States

Most Runs Scored In A Game Of "World Series Superstars" While Shutting Out The Other Team

Robert Owen

Robert Owen scored 53 runs in a game of World Series Superstars while shutting out the other team, allowing them to score no runs.

00:38 India

Highest Score On Level 1-6 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

mausam patel

Mmausam P. earned 77,710 points on level 1-6 of Angry Birds Rio.


Highest Score On Level 1-7 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Fred 03

Fred 03 earned 62,710 points on level 1-7 of Angry Birds Rio.

00:41 Wales

Highest Score On Level 1-5 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

Peter Mee

Peter Mee earned 66,860 points on Level 1–5 of Angry Birds Rio.

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