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New Zealand

Most Mini Basketballs Rolled In A Juggling Pattern

Mark Williams

Mark W. rolled 11 mini basketballs in a juggling pattern.


Most Roll-Overs By A Puppy In One Minute


Elliot's pet puppy rolled over 21 times in one minute.

United States

Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A "Yahtzee" With 50 Dice

Tyler Kinser

Tyler K. took 14 rolls to make 50 six-sided dice all turn up the number 5, also known as a "Yahtzee."

United States

Most Consecutive Forward Rolls By A Seventh Grader

Grace Brown

Grace B. performed 53 consecutive forward rolls. She is currently in the seventh grade.

01:20 New Zealand

Most Consecutive Forward Rolls In One Minute


Bucky performed 32 consecutive forward rolls in one minute.

03:19 England

Most Consecutive Forward Rolls

YFHS 2015

Hayley from YFHS 2015 performed 101 consecutive forward rolls.

00:44 Australia

Fewest Rolls Needed To Make A "Yahtzee" With 10 Dice

Trent Keen

Trent K. took five rolls to make 10 six-sided dice all turn up the number 1, also known as a "Yahtzee."

01:56 India

Most Consecutive Coin Rolls On A Two-Foot Ruler

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur rolled a coin on a two-foot ruler five times.

00:52 Norway

Most Eye Rolls In 30 Seconds

Trygve Guntvedt

Trygve G. rolled his eyes 83 times in 30 seconds.

01:03 United States

Most Backward Rolls In One Minute

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student performed 25 backward rolls in one minute.

00:27 United States

Most Pool Balls Rolled Into Opposite Pocket While Carrying A Dog

Tanner Woodson

Tanner W. rolled seven pool balls into the opposite pocket of a pool table while carrying a dog.

00:09 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 10 Finger Rolls

Vito O.

Viktor O. completed 10 finger rolls in 3.66 seconds.

01:36 United States

Most Times Rolling In And Out Of A Bus Bunk Bed In One Minute

Fueled By Ramen

Manny Dominick, drummer of Ghost Town, rolled in and out of a bus bunk bed 20 times in one minute. Dominick set the record as part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" music video. NOTE: To challenge this record, you must follow all rules below.

00:48 South Africa

Most Bed Rolls In 30 Seconds

Petrus Jansen van Vuuren

Petrus J. performed 19 bed rolls in 30 seconds.

00:34 United States

Most Consecutive Coin Rolls With A Poker Chip In 30 Seconds


Iq_tricker coin rolled a poker chip 24 times in 30 seconds.

01:13 United States

Most Wingspan Melon Rolls In 30 Seconds


A member of Support The Melons rolled a melon across his co-member's wingspan 11 times in 30 seconds. They set the record to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

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