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01:04 United States

Most High Fives With A Robot In 30 Seconds


JK gave 256 high fives to a robot in 30 seconds.

15:46 United States

Largest Robot

Q-Dance Australia

Q-Dance Australia built a robot measuring 24 meters high and 48 meters wide. It was created as a centerpiece for 2013 Defqon.1, an annual music festival held in Australia. It has 8 x 2 tonne motors that hoist the audio system and has multiple nitro-charged flame positions, activated remotely using a control console. The robot also boasts architectural and special effects lighting. The eyes are Jarag-led which are mapped to create expressions. There are 10 high-powered laser units and numerous pyrotechnic points with up to 70 mm mortars. It is specially designed using a steam punk style and parts are of recycled materials.

01:39 United States

Largest Group To Dance "The Robot" While Wrapped In Christmas Lights

Alanna Iverson

Alanna Iverson and 51 other cyclists danced the robotwhile wrapped in Christmas lights. The participants were a group of cyclists on a long distance bike ride to raise money for cancer research.


Most People Dancing The Robot While Dressed As Robots

Thrive Tablet LA

96 people dressed as robots danced "the robot" at the same time.

01:43 United States

Fastest Time For A Robot To Frost A Cupcake

Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis of MakerBot Industries built a robot that frosted a cupcake in 52.27 seconds. The intent was for the robot to decorate the entire top of the cupcake, but due to an unfortunate technical glitch, it didn’t perform as anticipated. The feat was performed on June 26, 2009 in New York City during the taping of a URDB segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Dan Rollman was present as a witness. #JF02, #lnwjf

01:16 Poland

Most People Doing "The Robot" At Once

iRobot Poland Team

The iRobot Poland team led 659 people in doing "The Robot" at Ustka Beach in Poland. They set the record as part of their summertime event and to promote awareness of the importance of home robots in everyday life.

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