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01:00 Australia

Most RecordSetter World Records Set By A Teenager


Demythrate has 201 RecordSetter World records. He set the records when he was a teenager. He all his records here.

02:51 India

Most Times To Write "Record" In One Minute

Manoj Kumar Maharana

Manoj Kumar wrote "record" 37 times in one minute.

06:48 Canada

Largest Personal Records Book

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie compiled a book of 638 personal records with 170 pages in length. He created the book on September 10, 1993 and has been updating and adding records to the list ever since. His records were categorized as athletic, academic, spiritual, and circumstantial. See his RecordSetter world records here.

00:58 Malaysia

Most Metallica Songs Named In 30 Seconds

Keenan Ho

Keenan H. named 31 Metallica songs in 30 seconds.

00:42 Bulgaria

Longest Album


The Deep Zone Project recorded a self-titled album with a length of eight hours and 41 minutes. Learn more about the feat here.

02:51 Wales

Most Current RecordSetter World Records Held By A Welsh Person

Mark Evans

Welsh Mark Evans has 306 current RecordSetter world records held. See all his records here.

02:30 United States

Most Arms-Only Rope Climb RecordSetter World Records Set In 30 Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber achieved four arms-only rope climb RecordSetter world records in 30 minutes. She dedicated this achievement to her parents who are celebrating their 45th anniversary. See all her records here.

04:02 United States

Most Different First Words In Record Titles Achieved By One Person

Tai Star

Tai Star achieved 16 different first words in his record titles. See all his records titles here.

01:36 United States

Most Countries To Set RecordSetter World Records In

Clint Poore

Clint Poore set RecordSetter World Records in five different countries.

00:43 United States

Youngest Person To Hold 300 RecordSetter World Records

Tai Star

At 9,093 days old, Tai Star holds more than 300 RecordSetter world records. See his records here.

00:31 United States

Fastest Time To Name 10 Of Patrick Hardin's World Records


Ethan H. named ten world records set by Patrick Hardin on RecordSetter in 12.80 seconds.

01:31 United States

Most Brian Pankey World Records Named In One Minute


Viktor O. named 27 RecordSetter World Records set by Brian Pankey in one minute.

02:22 United States

Most RecordSetter World Records Broken Using One Unbroken Egg On Easter Sunday

Tai Star

Tai Star broke three RecordSetter world records using one unbroken egg on Easter Sunday.

02:02 United States

Most "RecordSetter Book Of World Records" Records Broken

Tai Star

Tai Star broke six records featured in The RecordSetter Book of World Records.

01:38 United States

Most US National Historic Landmarks To Perform Burpee Exercises At

Lloyd Weema

Lloyd W. performed burpee exercises at four different historical landmarks in the United States.

01:44 United States

Most RecordSetter World Records Set In Saint Kitts

Clint Poore

Clint P. set seven RecordSetter World Records in Saint Kitts.

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