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00:04 United States

Fastest Time To Rip A Phone Book In Half

Michael Martin

Michael Martin ripped a phone book in half in 0.37 seconds.

01:19 Australia

Most Times Unlocking An iPod Touch In One Minute

Peter Craig

Peter Craig locked and unlocked his iPod Touch 67 times in one minute.

02:31 United States

Most Tweets Sent To @MCHammer In One Minute Using A Cell Phone

Bart Winkler

Bart Winkler sent seven tweets to MC Hammer in one minute using his cell phone.

10:17 United States

Most Phone Books Ripped In Half In Ten Minutes

Michael Martin

Michael Martin ripped 67 phone books in ten minutes. He attempted to rip through 71 books but four of the tears were partial. tag:RecordSetterBook01

00:42 United States

Most Peeps Balanced On An iPhone

Ryan Shannon

Ryan Shannon balances 20 marshmallow Peeps on his iPhone, a new world record. The achievement took place on April 2, 2009 at Shannon’s office in Redwood City, California. Kevin Mullarkey was present to document the record and count the Peeps.

01:14 United States

Most Unread Facebook Notifications On A Smartphone

Chad Isaac

Chad I. has 250 Facebook notifications on his smartphone.

00:46 India

Largest Telephone Card Collection

Sunil Joseph

Sunil Joseph has 11,624 phone cards in his collection. He has cards from over 224 countries.

02:08 United States

Most Smart Phone Cases Stacked On Head

Michael Lopata

Michael L. stacked nine smart phone cases on his head.

44:34 United States

Longest Prank Call

Friday Night

Jared and Kristin of made a prank call to Ryan that lasted 43 minutes, 54.00 seconds. They made the call to a marketing company. Read more about the feat here.

04:04 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Cell Phone On Top Of A Pool Cue On Chin While Kneeling

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a cell phone on top of a pool cue on his chin for two minutes, 29.75 seconds while kneeling.

00:23 England

Most Apple Products Playing "Africa" At Once

Tristan Reynolds

Tristan and his friends played the song Africa on four iPhones at once.

56:34 United States

Most Gift Cards Stacked On A Phone

elijah doerr

Elijah D. stacked 48 gift cards on a phone.

00:06 England

Fastest Time To Calculate "1+1" On An iPhone Calculator

Louie Fine

Louie F. calculated 1+1 on an iPhone calculator in 0.80 second.

00:45 United States

Most Phone Tosses Between Two People In 30 Seconds

Aaron Thomas

Aaron and Kendra tossed a phone to each other 38 times in 30 seconds.

16:01 Germany

Longest Time Waiting On A Hotline

Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni waited for 15 minutes, 57.64 seconds before a customer service agent answered him.

00:58 United States

Fastest Time To Press All 10 Numbers On A Phone Five Times Using Thumbs

Vito O.

Viktor O. pressed all 10 numbers on a phone five times using his thumbs in 9.73 seconds.

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