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00:21 United States

Most Front Walkover/Back Walkover Combos In 20 Seconds

jaden cook

Jaden C. performed 10 front-to-back walkovers in 20 seconds.

03:17 The Internet

Most Consecutive Tricks Performed By A Dog

Kim Mayes

Kim Mayes’ dog Seppala completed 52 tricks in succession.

00:11 United States

Most "Matrix Unleashed" Exchanges With Myachis

Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers performed 23 “Matrix Unleashed” exchanges using two Myachis.

01:11:06 Canada

Most Push-Ups With 40 Pounds On Back Performed By A Person 70 Years And Over In One Hour

Flavio Codarin

Flavio Codrin, a man over the age of 70, performed 1,200 push-ups in one hour while carrying an additional 40 pounds of weight on his back.

01:26 India

Most Charlier Card Cuts Performed While Holding A 15-Pound Exercise Plate On Index Finger

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. performed 57 Charlier card cuts while holding a 15-pound exercise plate on his index finger.

00:42 United States

Largest Group To Perform The "Epic Shuffle"

iD Tech Camps UC San Diego

A total of 21 student campers from iD Tech Camps UC San Diego performed the “Epic Shuffle.” [#iDTech][]

01:49 United States

Most Multiple Paddle Ball Combinations

Paddle Ball King

Paddle Ball King performed three combinations using multiple paddle balls simultaneously. He performed a 6-paddle ball combination, an 8-paddle ball combination and a 9-paddle ball combination.

00:35 The Internet

Most Doggie Push-Ups Performed In 30 Seconds

Kim Mayes

Kim Mayes' dog performed 12 doggie push-ups in 30 seconds.

01:59 Canada

Most Burpee Exercises Performed In One Minute By Someone With The Last Name Of "Burpee"

1031Virgin Radio

Ace Burpee of 103.1 Virgin Radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba performed six burpee exercises in one minute.

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