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00:16 United States

Smallest Origami Crane

Bhone Khaing

Bhone K. made an origami crane one millimeter in length.

01:01 United States

Largest Cootie Catcher

Texas Rob

Led by Rob Gura, Brook, Jenna, and Morgan created a cootie catcher 36 inches in length.

03:18 India

Most People Making Paper Airplanes At Once

Indu International School

421 students from Indu International School made paper airplanes at once.

00:35 Scotland

Fastest Time To Make And Pop A Paper Popper

E Gray

E. Gray made a paper popper and popped it in 5.37 seconds.

02:04 Scotland

Fastest Time To Make An Origami Balloon

E Gray

E Gray made an origami balloon in one minute, 2.91 seconds.

02:38 Indonesia

Largest Origami Ninja Star Collection

Rika Komariah

Rika K. has 369 origami ninja stars in her collection.

03:36 Luxembourg

Most Origami Stars Fit Inside A Large Origami Star

Harley Quinn

Tessie Mss fit 1,000 origami stars inside a large origami star.

01:57 United States

Fastest Time To Fold A Paper Crane Using A NYC Subway Map

Ella Morton

Ella Morton folded a New York City subway map into a paper crane in one minute, 41.50 seconds. Morton set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [][][#WRAS19][] []: http://recordsetter.com/search/WRAS19

01:19 United States

Largest Origami Magic Ball


James Anderson created an origami magic ball that is 128 square feet (8 ft. x 16 ft.) in size.

01:07 United States

Fastest Time To Make A Paper Crane While Wearing A Sci-Fi Helmet Or Mask

Grettle A.

Grettle A. made a paper crane in 45.98 seconds while wearing a gas mask.

01:24 United States

Largest Paper Banger

Zachary Culpepper

Zachary C. made a paper banger 13 inches in length.

04:28 India

Most Origami Paper Balls Made And Inflated By A Group Of People In One Hour

Indu International School

Students at Indu International School made and inflated 8,100 paper balls in one hour.

05:16 India

Most Origami Pieces Folded In 12 Hours

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

A student at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India folded 3,604 origami pieces in 12 hours.

05:59 India

Largest Origami Mosaic (Female)

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

A student at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India created an origami mosaic that measures 21.39 square meters.

18:35 Indonesia

Smallest 3D Origami Swan

Rika Komariah

Rika K. made a 3D origami swan 2.5 centimeters in length.

02:30 India

Most People Making Paper Boats At Once

spkschools namakkal

1,625 students from SPK Schools in Namakkal, India made paper boats at once. The record was organized by Dr. S.Prabu Kumar, chairman of the school institution.

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