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00:16 United States

Smallest Origami Crane

Bhone Khaing

Bhone K. made an origami crane one millimeter in length.

01:01 United States

Largest Cootie Catcher

Texas Rob

Led by Rob Gura, Brook, Jenna, and Morgan created a cootie catcher 36 inches in length.

00:19 United States

Largest Origami Ninja Star


Emilino made a 133.5-inch wide origami ninja star.

01:03 England

Fastest Time To Make A Shuriken Origami

john bishop

Jordan B. made a shuriken origami figure in 49.54 seconds.

03:18 India

Most People Making Paper Airplanes At Once

Indu International School

421 students from Indu International School made paper airplanes at once.

00:35 Scotland

Fastest Time To Make And Pop A Paper Popper

E Gray

E. Gray made a paper popper and popped it in 5.37 seconds.

02:04 Scotland

Fastest Time To Make An Origami Balloon

E Gray

E Gray made an origami balloon in one minute, 2.91 seconds.

02:38 Indonesia

Largest Origami Ninja Star Collection

Rika Komariah

Rika K. has 369 origami ninja stars in her collection.

03:36 Luxembourg

Most Origami Stars Fit Inside A Large Origami Star

Harley Quinn

Tessie Mss fit 1,000 origami stars inside a large origami star.

01:57 United States

Fastest Time To Fold A Paper Crane Using A NYC Subway Map

Ella Morton

Ella Morton folded a New York City subway map into a paper crane in one minute, 41.50 seconds. Morton set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [][][#WRAS19][] []: http://recordsetter.com/search/WRAS19

01:19 United States

Largest Origami Magic Ball


James Anderson created an origami magic ball that is 128 square feet (8 ft. x 16 ft.) in size.

01:07 United States

Fastest Time To Make A Paper Crane While Wearing A Sci-Fi Helmet Or Mask

Grettle A.

Grettle A. made a paper crane in 45.98 seconds while wearing a gas mask.

01:24 United States

Largest Paper Banger

Zachary Culpepper

Zachary C. made a paper banger 13 inches in length.

04:28 India

Most Origami Paper Balls Made And Inflated By A Group Of People In One Hour

Indu International School

Students at Indu International School made and inflated 8,100 paper balls in one hour.

05:16 India

Most Origami Pieces Folded In 12 Hours

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

A student at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India folded 3,604 origami pieces in 12 hours.

05:59 India

Largest Origami Mosaic (Female)

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation

A student at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation School in Coimbatore, India created an origami mosaic that measures 21.39 square meters.

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