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01:19 United States

Fastest Lap In "Sunny Beach" Course In "Wave Race 64" (N64)


Courtney C. completed a Sunny Beach course lap in 21.97 seconds in Wave Race 64.

00:09 United States

Most Splats In A Tower Control In "Splatoon" (Wii U)

Bobby Jones

Bobby J. had 15 splats in a tower control in Splatoon.

00:40 England

Fastest Completion Of World 1-2 In "New Super Mario Bros." (DS)

Harri Bubblegum

Harri Bubblegum completed World 1-2 in New Super Mario Bros. in 33.58 seconds.

00:02 United States

Highest Win Streak In "Splatoon" (Wii U)

John Hunt

John H. had 18 win streak in Splatoon.

00:04 United States

Most Splats In A Turf War Battle In "Splatoon" (Wii U)

John Hunt

John H. had 11 splats in a Turf War Battle in Splatoon.

11:33 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Trojan" (NES)


Kimberly C. completed a game Trojan in 10 minutes, 7.25 seconds.

01:36 United States

Fastest Time To Defeat "Adventure Island: Final Boss" (NES)


Kimberly C. defeated Adventure Island: Final Boss in 37.69 seconds.

03:06 United States

Highest Power Mini Game Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)


Benjamin earned 535 points in Power mini game in Pokemon SoulSilver.

00:31 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Pinball: Stage 1" In "NES Remix" (Wii U)

Nicholas Rivera

Nicholas R. completed "Pinball: Stage 1" in "NES Remix" in 6.10 seconds.

10:33 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Pokemon Emerald" (Game Boy Advance)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed Pokemon Emerald in two hours, 42 minutes, 31.00 seconds.

01:13 United States

Fastest Time To Knock Out Glass Joe In "Punch-Out!!" (NES)

William Moore

William M. knocked out Glass Joe in Punch-Out!! in 42.00 seconds.

00:24 The Internet

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Pearl Version" (DS)

Kyle Scanlon

Kyle S. logged 789 hours and 42 minutes into Pokemon Pearl.

01:20 The Internet

Fastest Time To Complete 50cc Mushroom Cup Race In "Super Mario Kart"


Lafungo completed the 50cc Mushroom Cup race in Super Mario Kart in 59.95 seconds.

06:59 United States

Lowest Score In "Castlevania" (NES)

Rudy Ferretti

Rudy J. earned 3,510 points in Castlevania.

11:17 Finland

Most Steps Taken In 31 Days Using "Nintendo Personal Trainer: Walking"

Pekka Luodeslampi

Pekka Luodeslampi walked a total of 1,560,554 steps in 31 days. He began on April 19, 2010 and finished May 19, 2010 averaging over 50,000 steps per day. He used the Nintendo Personal Trainer: Walking program to monitor his daily steps.

03:28 United States

Most Nintendo 64 Cartridges Balanced On Head While On A Rola Bola

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham balanced six Nintendo 64 cartridges on his head while balancing on a rola bola.

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