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00:09 United States

Most Splats In A Tower Control In "Splatoon" (Wii U)

Bobby Jones

Bobby J. had 15 splats in a tower control in Splatoon.

00:40 England

Fastest Completion Of World 1-2 In "New Super Mario Bros." (DS)

Harri Bubblegum

Harri Bubblegum completed World 1-2 in New Super Mario Bros. in 33.58 seconds.

11:33 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Trojan" (NES)


Kimberly C. completed a game Trojan in 10 minutes, 7.25 seconds.

01:36 United States

Fastest Time To Defeat "Adventure Island: Final Boss" (NES)


Kimberly C. defeated Adventure Island: Final Boss in 37.69 seconds.

00:18 The Internet

Fastest 10-Man Smash In "Super Smash Bros." (Wii U)

Cody Richards

Cody R. completed a 10-man smash in Super Smash Bros. in 7.58 seconds.

03:06 United States

Highest Power Mini Game Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)


Benjamin earned 535 points in Power mini game in Pokemon SoulSilver.

00:31 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Pinball: Stage 1" In "NES Remix" (Wii U)

Nicholas Rivera

Nicholas R. completed "Pinball: Stage 1" in "NES Remix" in 6.10 seconds.

10:33 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Pokemon Emerald" (Game Boy Advance)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed Pokemon Emerald in two hours, 42 minutes, 31.00 seconds.

01:13 United States

Fastest Time To Knock Out Glass Joe In "Punch-Out!!" (NES)

William Moore

William M. knocked out Glass Joe in Punch-Out!! in 42.00 seconds.

00:24 The Internet

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Pearl Version" (DS)

Kyle Scanlon

Kyle S. logged 789 hours and 42 minutes into Pokemon Pearl.

11:17 Finland

Most Steps Taken In 31 Days Using "Nintendo Personal Trainer: Walking"

Pekka Luodeslampi

Pekka Luodeslampi walked a total of 1,560,554 steps in 31 days. He began on April 19, 2010 and finished May 19, 2010 averaging over 50,000 steps per day. He used the Nintendo Personal Trainer: Walking program to monitor his daily steps.

06:59 United States

Lowest Score In "Castlevania" (NES)

Rudy Ferretti

Rudy J. earned 3,510 points in Castlevania.

01:20 The Internet

Fastest Time To Complete 50cc Mushroom Cup Race In "Super Mario Kart"


Lafungo completed the 50cc Mushroom Cup race in Super Mario Kart in 59.95 seconds.

36:30 The Internet

Highest Score In "DuckTales" Using Extreme Settings (NES)

Glen Updike

Glen Updike earned 10,517,000 points in DuckTales (NES) using the extreme difficulty settings.

02:00:03 United States

Highest Score In "Rock 'N Roll Racing" VS Mode (SNES)

Bobby Wilson

Bobby Wilson earned 179,200 points in Rock 'N Roll Racing VS Mode (SNES). See entire video here.

03:28 United States

Most Nintendo 64 Cartridges Balanced On Head While On A Rola Bola

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham balanced six Nintendo 64 cartridges on his head while balancing on a rola bola.

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