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    Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On A Mouthstick Held In Mouth

    Brendan Kelbie spun a basketball on a mouthstick held in his mouth for one minute, 3.01 seconds.

    May 26 Demythrate 4 comments Australia
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    Most Golf Ball Bounces On A Miniature Wine Bottle While Standing On One Leg

    Suresh Gaur bounced a golf ball on a miniature wine bottle 470 times while standing on one leg.

    May 26 SureshGaur India
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    Most Cancer-Related Books Balanced On Head

    Peter Durdik balanced 11 cancer-related books on his head.

    May 26 PeterDurdik 1 comment Slovakia
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    Longest Time Balancing A Playing Card On Little Finger

    Doug McManaman balanced a playing card on his little finger for 14 minutes, 38.10 seconds.

    May 26 DougMcManaman Canada
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    Longest Time Balancing A Chainsaw On Foot

    Thommy Ohlund balanced a chainsaw on his foot for 31.91 seconds.

    May 26 ThommySweden Sweden
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    Furthest Mini Basketball Shot Into A Mini Basketball Hoop While Blindfolded

    Eli O. made a successful mini basketball shot into a mini basketball hoop 12 feet away while blindfolded.

    May 26 Eliolson United States
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    Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On The Floor

    Jorden J. spun a fidget spinner on the floor for one minute, 29.10 seconds.

    May 26 JordenJordy Belgium
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    Most Pairs Of Broken Glasses Owned

    Simon Perkins owned two pairs of broken glasses.

    May 26 SimonPerkins United States
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    Longest Time Spinning A Fidget Spinner On Index Finger

    David B. spun a fidget spinner on his index finger for five minutes, 15.97 seconds.

    May 26 DavidBratcher United States
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    Fastest "Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii" Speedrun

    I Love SMB completed a speedrun of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in one hour, 31 minutes, 23.91 seconds.

    May 26 ILoveSMB United States
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces Into A Plastic Cup In 10 Seconds While Balancing A Pillow On Head

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball into a plastic cup 14 times in 10 seconds while balancing a pillow on his head.

    May 26 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Six-Count Plyometric Plank Jump Sets In Six Minutes

    Alicia Weber performed 18 six-count plyometric plank jump sets in six minutes.

    May 26 AliciaWeber United States
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    Highest Score In "Candy Crush Jelly Saga: Level 19" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 69,600 points in Candy Crush Jelly Saga: Level 19.

    May 26 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Highest Score In "Toy Blast: Level 367" (Online)

    Pavol Durdik earned 238,760 points in Toy Blast: Level 367.

    May 26 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Times Heading An Exercise Ball

    Laurent Kelly bounced an exercise ball 73 times using his head.

    May 25 LaurentKelly 18 comments England
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    Fastest 13-Person Glove Peel Circle

    Sapphira and 12 women performed a glove peel circle in 9.04 seconds. She set the record to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week... (more)

    May 25 Sapphira England
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    Tallest Beer Bottle Tower

    Kjell B. stacked eight beer bottles in a tower formation.

    May 25 KjellBuysschaert 9 comments Belgium
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    Most Baseballs Held In Hand (Palm Up)

    Ethan F. held 15 baseballs in one hand at one once.

    May 25 EthanFlaherty 3 comments United States
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    Longest Time Spinning Two Fidget Spinners In One Hand

    Tyeson M. spun two fidget spinners in one hand for one minute, 53.78 seconds.

    May 25 Tyesonmower Australia
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    Most Behind-The-Back Basketball Dribbles In 45 Minutes (Junior)

    Stepan R. dribbled a basketball behind his back 3,414 times in 45 minutes. He is 10 years old.

    May 25 StepanR United States