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01:14 United States

Most Unread Facebook Notifications On A Smartphone

Chad Isaac

Chad I. has 250 Facebook notifications on his smartphone.

00:17 United States

Most "Temple Run" Games Played (Mobile)

Ryan Weiss

Ryan W. has played a total of 4,311 Temple Run games.

00:12 United States

Longest "Shave Me!" Play Time (Mobile)

Ryan Weiss

Ryan W. spent 141 hours, one minute, 24.00 seconds playing Shave Me!

00:29 England

Most Flappy Bird Game Overs In 30 Seconds (Mobile)

Ryan Moore

Jack C. had 15 game overs in 30 seconds playing Flappy Bird.

00:41 India

Highest Score In 5x5 Classic Mode Of "2048" (Mobile)

Priyanka Gulshan

Priyanka G. earned 145,140 points in 5x5 Classic Mode of 2048.

00:05 Canada

Fewest Consecutive Days Chatting Someone On Snapchat

Victoria leva

Victoria L. chatted with her friend for three consecutive days on Snapchat.

00:19 India

Highest Score In "Kuku Kube" (Mobile)

Ashish Chopra

Ashish C. earned 87 points in Kuku Kube.

30:29 United States

Most XP Gained With One Lucky Egg In "Pokemon Go" (Mobile)

John Hunt

John H. gained 194,000 XP with one lucky egg in Pokemon Go.

04:05 India

Fastest Time For A Toddler To Solve The Indian Map Puzzle App


Parikshit Omkar solved the Indian Map Puzzle app in three minutes, 40.16 seconds. He is two years old.

00:09 United States

Highest Score In "Candy Crush Saga: Level 28" (Mobile)

ايرون مانتقميري

ايرونمانتقميري earned 398620 points in Candy Crush Saga: Level 28.

00:24 United States

Fastest Time To Complete A Game Of "Touch The Numbers"

Stefan Vass

Stefan V. completed a game of Touch The Numbers in 8.48 seconds.

00:35 United States

Most Times Turning An HTC Vivid Screen On And Off In 30 Seconds


Nathanboy350 turned his HTC Vivid screen on and off 31 times in 30 seconds.

13:40 India

Highest Score In "Shoot Many Robots" (Mobile Game App)

Prakash Ram

Prakash R. earned 66,566 points in Shoot Many Robots.

00:10 United States

Highest Score In "Papa Pear Saga" (Mobile)

Randy Verburg

Randy V. earned 12,578,840 points in Papa Pear Saga.

05:30 United States

Longest Time Submerging A Water-Resistant Cell Phone In Water

Michael Farr

Michael F. immersed his water-resistant cellphone in water for five minutes, 1.70 seconds.

07:39 United States

Highest Score In "Piano Tiles: Lightning Mode" (Mobile)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. earned 11,199 points in Piano Tiles: Lightning Mode.

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