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02:39 United States

Most Wolves Tamed With 64 Bones In "Minecraft"

adam warren

Adam W. tamed 28 wolves with 64 bones in Minecraft.

03:19 United States

Most Pistons Powered At Once In "Minecraft" (PC)

jordy Schmidt

Jordy and Badtacos12 powered 230 pistons at once in Minecraft.

01:28 Canada

Fastest Time To Get Five Diamonds In "Minecraft"

Kyle Schwarze

Kyle S. got five diamonds in Minecraft in 34.29 seconds.

00:09 United States

Fastest Time To Type The Word "Minecraft" Six Times

Isaac Wilson

Isaac W. typed "Minecraft" six times in 4.07 seconds.

25:53 England

Most TNT Blocks Placed And Blown Up Inside A Mountain In "Minecraft"

Ebliar Nevo

Ebliar N. placed and blew up 680 TNT blocks inside a mountain in Minecraft.


Fastest Diamond Ore Find In "Minecraft" (PC)

Lewis McMillan

Lewis M. found diamond ore in Minecraft in one minute, 47.00 seconds.

04:55 United States

Most Zombies Fit In A 1x1 Hole In "Minecraft"

Seth Bob

Seth B. fit 2,194 zombies in a 1x1 hole in Minecraft.

00:32 United States

Most Doors Opened Using One Lever In "Minecraft"


Texashokies opened 12,360 doors using one lever in Minecraft.


Highest Distance Reached By Flying Straight Up In "Minecraft"

Sven Engels

Sven E. flew upwards in Minecraft, reaching a distance of 14,000,000 blocks high.

03:53 United States

Longest Nyan Cat In "Minecraft" (PC)

Seth Aiken

Seth A. created a Nyan Cat in Minecraft that measured 51 blocks in length.

05:33 Singapore

Most Villagers Spawned In "Minecraft"

Jeri Knight

Jeri K. spawned 4,145 villagers in Minecraft.

00:23 Australia

Fastest Time To Kill 100 Sheep In "Minecraft"

Jacob Genlikan Yoon

Jacob Genlikan Y. killed 100 sheep in Minecraft in 0.13 seconds.

04:15 United States

Most Blocks Of Wet Sponge Dropped In Peonies In "Minecraft"


Sam W. dropped 512 blocks of wet sponge in a field of peonies in Minecraft.

01:54 United States

Highest TNT Rocket Launch In "Minecraft"

Ahmad Hamed

Ahmad H. launched a TNT rocket in Minecraft 26.63 meters high .

01:19 United States

Most Cobblestones Collected From A Generator In One Minute In "Minecraft"

Tate Ridenour

Tate R. collected 79 cobblestones from a generator in one minute in Minecraft.

08:35 United States

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)


Matmath8 completed 757 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

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