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Most Wooden Planks Crafted In "Minecraft"

Frank Stam

Frank S. crafted 925,324 wooden planks in Minecraft.

United States

Farthest Distance Ridden On A Pig In Minecraft

Kayla Duarte

Kayla D. rode a pig a distance of 21,392.88 kilometers in Minecraft.


Highest House In "Minecraft"

Alex brousseau

Alex B. built a house in Minecraft reaching 257 blocks in height.

United States

Largest Glass House In "Minecraft"

Andrew Erdle

Andrew E. built a glass house using 47,610 blocks in Minecraft.

03:43 England

Most Houses Built In "Minecraft" In Three Days (PC)

Mitch Moore

Mitch M. built 80 houses in three days in Minecraft.

United States

Most Zombies Fit In A 1x1 Hole In "Minecraft"

DeadMouse Boss

DeadMouse Boss fit 4,391 zombies in a 1x1 hole in Minecraft.

01:13 Australia

Most Zombies Killed In Minecraft In 10 Minutes Using JavaScript Lightning

Magikcraft and Microsoft

Magikcraft and Microsoft led Minecraft players in killing 13,854 zombies in 10 minutes. The zombies were killed using lightning produced by a JavaScript code.


Most Pistons Powered At Once In "Minecraft" (PC)


Brendan Kelbie powered 40,864 pistons at once in Minecraft.

05:45 United States

Most Cakes Crafted In Five Minutes In "Minecraft"

Mario_12323 (Chris)

Mario_12323 crafted 181 cakes in five minutes in Minecraft.

United States

Most Wolves Tamed With 64 Bones In "Minecraft"

daniel garcia

Daniel G. tamed 33 wolves with 64 bones in Minecraft.

United States

Most Minecraft Ponies Created In Two Minutes

Mimic Games

Mimic Games created 21 ponies in Minecraft in two minutes.

United States

Highest Cobweb Drop In "Minecraft"


Chris H. dropped a cobweb from 315 blocks high in Minecraft.

00:18 France

Most Used Spawn Eggs In "Minecraft"

S0uL Sama

S0uL Sama has 1,913,671 used spawn eggs in Minecraft.

00:56 United States

Most Diamond Blocks Found In A Single Bunch In "Minecraft"


Gugbill found six diamond blocks in one bunch while playing Minecraft.

04:05 France

Most Chickens Spawned With 80 Eggs In "Minecraft"

S0uL Sama

S0uL Sama spawned 25 chickens with 80 eggs in Minecraft.

00:45 United States

Fastest Time For One's Game Character To Die In Minecraft


Gugbill's game character died in Minecraft in 1.04 seconds.

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