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01:54 United States

Highest TNT Rocket Launch In "Minecraft"

Ahmad Hamed

Ahmad H. launched a TNT rocket in Minecraft 26.63 meters high .

03:16 United States

Fastest "Minecraft Map Sprint!" Speedrun


Matmath8 completed a speedrun of Minecraft Map Sprint in two minutes, 56.81 seconds.

01:19 United States

Most Cobblestones Collected From A Generator In One Minute In "Minecraft"

Tate Ridenour

Tate R. collected 79 cobblestones from a generator in one minute in Minecraft.

08:35 United States

Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (PC)


Matmath8 completed 757 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft.

09:09 United States

Longest Railroad In "Minecraft"

Jason High

Jason H. built a railroad in Minecraft 4,000 units long.

00:13 Netherlands

Most Wooden Planks Crafted In "Minecraft"

Frank Stam

Frank S. crafted 100,104 wooden planks in Minecraft.

00:59 United States

Farthest Pig Shot From TNT Cannon In "Minecraft"

Nitai Lane

Nitai L. fired a pig shot from a TNT Cannon a distance of 56 blocks in Minecraft.

01:45 Australia

Most Snow Golems Made In One Minute In "Minecraft"

Jacob Genlikan Yoon

Jacob G. made 104 snow golems in one minute in Minecraft.

01:34 Canada

Highest House In "Minecraft"

Bryan Shaw

Bryan S. built a house in Minecraft reaching 254 blocks in height

07:24 Australia

Tallest Staircase In "Minecraft"


Jimbo T. built a staircase in Minecraft that reached 256 blocks in height.

02:11 United States

Fewest Blocks Used To Make A House In "Minecraft"

Ivan Nonan

Ivan N. used one block to make a house in Minecraft.

02:21 Canada

Longest Bridge Built In "Minecraft"

Pie Hole

Pie Hole built a bridge 26,011 blocks long in Minecraft.

01:49 France

Most Enchanted Potion Bottles Broken In One Minute In "Minecraft"


Vyf57 broke 485 enchanted potion bottles in one minute in Minecraft.

02:46 United States

Highest TNT Tower In Creative Mode Of "Minecraft"

Seth Norton

Seth N. placed 1,632,000 units of TNT in Minecraft creative mode.

02:19 United States

Most Minecraft Papercraft Blocks Balanced On Head While Playing Minecraft


While hosting an episode of RecordSetter Kids, JennxPenn balanced three Minecraft papercraft blocks on her head while playing Minecraft. Want to challenge her record? Have parental guidance and follow all rules listed on this page.

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