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04:06 United States

Longest Poem About Lingerie Recited From Memory

Art Hoffman

Art Hoffman recited a poem about lingerie 550 words long. He recited the work from memory.

02:16 United States

Largest Group Reading A Poem At A Library At Once

CPH Library

A total of 173 people read a poem at a library at once. The record was part of the Summer Reading Program at CPH Library in Clifton Park, New York.

00:31 United States

Largest Writing Contest In Multiple Languages

Elite Circle

A total of 26,449 students participated in a writing contest in multiple languages. They set the record at ClinicPlus Gateway 2013 organized by ClinicPlus and Elite Circle at Codissia Trade Fair Complex in Tamil Nadu, India.

03:38 United States

Largest Children's Storybook


Nathan Dorrell created "The Story That Set The World On Fire," a children's storybook measuring six feet tall and 4.45 feet wide. The book is 2.25 inches thick and tells the story of Jesus' birth.

03:22 Australia

Longest Rhyming Fantasy Poem Written In Eight-Syllable Narrative Verse

Jonathan Goh

Jonathan G. wrote a 15,834-line rhyming fantasy poem in eight-syllable narrative verse. It is designed as a performance piece comprising three acts with 44 chapters. The poem is meant as a tribute to J. R. R. Tolkien's unfinished poem, The Lay of Leithian.

00:19 England

Longest Free-Verse Homophone Love Poem Published As A One-Poem Book

Theresa Chadenga

Theresa Chadenga wrote a 5,791-word free-verse homophone love poem that she published as a one-poem book.

02:32 India

Fastest Recitation Of Hamlet's Soliloquy "To Be Or Not To Be"

Poorvie Choudhary

Poorvie Choudhary recited Hamlet's soliloquy "To Be or Not to Be" in 39.33 seconds.

12:58 United States

Most Poems Written That Start With The Letter C

Nicolas Saperstein

Nicolas Saperstein wrote 200 poems that start with the letter C.

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