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19:33 United States

Most Reps Performing A 13-Minute Mishmash Legathlon

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 403 reps performing a 13-minute Mishmash Legathlon.

01:53 Germany

Most Consecutive Devil Stick Leg Revolutions

Lukas Reichenbach

Lukas R. completed 163 consecutive leg revolutions using devil sticks.

02:01 United States

Longest Leg Lift While Juggling Three Balls

Nate Tower

Nate T. lifted his legs for one minute, 44.13 seconds while juggling three balls.

1:02:06 United States

Longest Time Standing On Left Foot

Tai Star

Tai Star stood on his left foot for one hour, two minutes, 3.00 seconds.

00:21 Belgium

Most Alternating Behind-The-Leg Claps In 15 Seconds

Steven Sijmons

Steven S. completed 52 behind-the-leg claps in 15 seconds.

05:38 United States

Most Opposite One-Arm One-Leg Medicine Ball Leaping Mountain Climber Exercises In Five Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 96 one-arm one-leg medicine ball leaping mountain climber exercises in five minutes.

01:57 United States

Most One Leg Burpee-Pushups In Two Minutes Using Alternating Legs

Andre Turan

Andre T. completed 40 one-leg burpee-pushups in two minutes.

22:24 India

Longest Time Standing With Leg Behind Head

Sagar A

Sagar stood with his leg behind his head for 21 minutes, 33.35 seconds.

08:08 United States

Most Opposite Arm And Leg Leaping Mountain Climbers In Five Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 95 opposite arm and leg leaping mountain climber exercises in five minutes.

36:57 United States

Longest 6-12 Inch Straight Leg Hold

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed a 6-12 inch straight leg hold for 31 minutes, 36.58 seconds.

00:11 United States

Most Times Passing A Ball Between Legs In 10 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey passed a ball between his legs 29 times in 10 seconds.

00:59 United States

Most Bubbles Blown In 30 Seconds With Leg Behind Back


Skyler Kardell blew 12 bubbles in 30 seconds with his leg behind his back. He is a yoga enthusiast. His friends call him the most flexible kid in their school.

00:34 United States

Most L-Position Ring Dips In One Minute With Five-Pound Ankle Weights On Legs

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed five L-position ring dips in one minute with five-pound ankle weights on both of her legs.

00:31 United States

Most Bounces Of A Basketball Between Legs Off Of The Side Of A Building In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey bounced a basketball between his legs and off of the side of a building 28 times in 30 seconds.

02:19 United States

Longest Time To Juggle Two Two-Pound Balls In One Hand While Balancing On One Leg

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey juggled two two-pound balls using just one hand while balancing on one leg for two minutes, 15.28 seconds.

01:59 United States

Most Sit/Stand Repetitions In One Minute

Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker's friend sat all the way down and stood back up 43 times in one minute.

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