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00:51 Sweden

Longest Time Balancing Tennis Racquet Vertically On Knee

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund balanced a tennis racquet vertically on his knee for 4.43 seconds.

United States

Most High Knee Jump Push-Ups In 15 Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 165 high knee jump push-ups in 15 minutes.

04:55 England

Most Keepie Uppie Knee Touches Using A Tennis Ball

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 509 keepie uppie knee touches using a tennis ball.

00:23 Australia

Most Spinning Basketball Knee Bounces

Brendan Kelbie

Demythrate performed three spinning basketball knee bounces.

00:26 England

Most Keepie Uppie Knee Hoops With A Tennis Ball

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 31 keepie uppie knee hoops with a tennis ball.

03:23 India

Most Consecutive Knee Drops While Balancing Half A Pool Cue On Hand

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur performed 30 consecutive knee drops while balancing half a pool cue on his hand.

28:20 India

Longest Time Holding Head-To-Knee Forward Bend Pose

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar held a head-to-knee forward bend pose for 20 minutes, 15.00 seconds.


Most Knee Skips On A Trampoline

Daniel&Jackie Record

Daniel performed 66 knee skips on a trampoline.

01:19 Australia

Most Times Cracking Kneecap In 30 Seconds

Brendan Kelbie

Brendan K. cracked his kneecap 108 times in 30 seconds.

11:33 India

Longest Time Balancing A Pool Cue With Wine Bottle On Top Holding A Wooden Spoon In Hand While Kneeling

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a pool cue with a wine bottle on top holding a wooden spoon in his hand while kneeling for 10 minutes, 19.04 seconds.


Longest Time Heading A Balloon While Kneeling

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik headed a balloon for exactly six minutes while kneeling.

20:50 India

Longest Time Holding A Forehead-To-Knee Yoga Pose

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar performed a forehead-to-knee yoga pose for 19 minutes, 50.00 seconds.

10:17 India

Longest Time Bending Knee While Holding Foot With One Hand

Krishan Kumar

Krishan Kumar bent his knee for nine minutes, 33.00 seconds while holding his foot with one hand.

02:31 England

Most Above-Head Keepie Uppie Knee Touches

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 119 above-head keepie uppie knee touches.


Longest Time Holding Forehead-To-Knee Pose While Standing On One Leg

Krishan Kumar

Krishan K. held a forehead-to-knee pose for one minute, 22.00 seconds while standing on one leg.

03:33 England

Most Tennis Ball Keepie Uppies Using Foot-To-Knee Pattern

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 332 tennis ball keepie uppies, demonstrating a foot-to-knee pattern.

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