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02:38 India

Longest Time Balancing A Lightweight Cricket Ball On Knee While Standing On One Foot

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. balanced a lightweight cricket ball on his knee for one minute, 26.73 seconds while standing on one foot.

01:02 United States

Most Knee Smashes In One Minute

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student, Keegan O'Keefe, completed 120 knee smashes in one minute.

05:01 United States

Most Arms Crossed Bent Knee Sit-Ups In Five Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 230 arms crossed bent knee situps in five minutes.

02:56 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Golf Ball On A Spoon While Balancing A Golf Ball On Top Of A Water Bottle On Knee And Balancing A Lacrosse Stick On Thumb

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a golf ball on a spoon held in his mouth for one minute, 40.01 seconds while balancing a golf ball on top of a water bottle on his knee and balancing a lacrosse stick on his thumb.

00:37 Pakistan

Most Martial Arts Knee Strikes In 30 Seconds


Ahmad Amin Bodla performed 71 martial arts knee strikes in 30 seconds, targeting a dummy.

00:43 Canada

Most Catches Juggling Two Balls One-Handed While Balancing On An Exercise Ball On Knees And Spinning A Basketball On A Pencil

Mason Axcell

Mason A. completed 22 catches juggling two balls with one hand while balancing on an exercise ball on his knees and spinning a basketball on a pencil.

01:01 United States

Fastest Time To Put A Knee Brace On While Balancing A Tennis Racket On Face


Cool Juggler put a knee brace on in 26.12 seconds while balancing a tennis racket on his face.

03:47 Nepal

Longest Time Holding A Forehead-To-Knee Yoga Pose

Pramila Deuja "Paaramee"

Pramila D. performed a forehead-to-knee (Niralamba Paschhimmottasana) yoga pose for three minutes, 47.78 seconds. She dedicated the attempt to her yoga master and spiritual guide Dr. Hari Prasad Pokhrel.

01:40 United States

Most Consecutive Feet-Together, Hands-At-Knee Straight Leg Pulses

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 153 feet-together, hands-at-knee straight leg pulses.

05:06 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Cellphone On Knee While On A Slackline

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a cellphone on his knee for five minutes, 1.00 second while on a slackline.

00:40 United States

Longest Time Holding Knee With Both Hands While Standing On One Foot On A Slackline With A Bird On Shoulder

Tai Star

Tai Star held his right knee with both hands for 13.41 seconds while standing on one foot on a slackline with a bird perched on his shoulder.

01:04 United States

Most Consecutive Flexed Hang Knee Raise Tucks In One Minute With Five-Pound Weight On Each Ankle

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 26 consecutive flexed hang knee raise tucks in one minute with five-pound weight on each of her ankle.

01:39 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Keyboard On Tip Of Thumb While Spinning A Toothbrush In Other Hand While Kneeling

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a keyboard on the tip of his thumb for one minute, 25.68 seconds while spinning a toothbrush in his other hand while kneeling.

01:48 United States

Longest Time To Bounce Juggle A Three-Ball Cascade Synchronized Pattern With Four Four-Inch Diameter Bounce Balls While Kneeling

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey bounce juggled three balls in a cascade pattern, altnerating sides between the left and right side, for one minute, 45.50 seconds.

00:55 United States

Most "Cold Fusion" Tricks With A Myachi While Balancing A Folding Chair On Forehead And Kneeling

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed eight "Cold Fusions" with a Myachi while balancing a folding chair on his forehead and kneeling.

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