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01:04 United States

Largest Group Of People To Play 'Jingle Bells' On Kazoos

Lake Travis Elementary School

Principal Karen Miller-Kopp of Lake Travis Elementary School led 858 people in playing Jingle Bells on kazoos.

03:22 United States

Most People To Sing Jingle Bells While Wearing Santa Hats


While hosting an episode of RecordSetter Kids, Cimorelli sang Jingle Bells while wearing Santa hats, a RecordSetter World Record. Want to challenge their record? Have parental guidance and follow all rules listed on this page.

05:01 United States

Largest Group To Sing "Jingle Bells" While Ringing Jingle Bells

Downtown Albany

A total of 488 people sang jingle bells while ringing jingle bells at once. They set the record in front of Times Union Center in Albany, New York. See more photos here.

01:24 Canada

Most People Singing Jingle Bells At Once

Kathleen Vincent

Kathleen V. led 525 people from Coquitlam City in British Columbia in singing Jingle Bells at once. They set the record as part of their seasonal light display and Park Spark program. Read more about the feat here.

00:37 United States

Largest Group To Bark Jingle Bells

Campbell Ridge Elementary School

Anthony Mazzei and 699 students and staff members at [Campbell Ridge Elementary School][1] barked the song Jingle Bells. [1]: http://www.greatschools.org/kentucky/alexandria/2196-Campbell-Ridge-Elementary-School/

00:48 United States

Most Revolutions On A Merry-Go-Round While Singing "Jingle Bells"


beerock's niece Suzy completed 14 revolutions on a merry-go-round while singing Jingle Bells.

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