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Most Consecutive #1 Billboard Hit Songs On One CD

Larry Colucci

Larry Colucci put 86 consecutive #1 Billboard songs on a single CD. Beginning with “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals, he selected the #1 hits from September 5, 1964 to June 1, 1968. The last song on the CD is Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson”.

00:18 United States

Most Hits To Someone's Head With A Pool Noodle In 10 Seconds

Aaron meadowcroft

Aaron Meadowcroft made 32 hits to someone’s head with a pool noodle for 10 seconds.

01:09 United States

Fastest Time To Hit The Lap Button On Stopwatch On An LG CB630 Invision Phone

Darius Goad

Darius Goad hit the lap button on the stopwatch application on an LG CB630 Invision[] phoneat .44 seconds and 1.03 seconds with a total speed of .19 seconds.

07:42 Canada

Fewest Rifle Shots Needed To Hit 10 Sodacrackers

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman fired 10shots with his rifle to hit 10 sodacrackers from 50 yards away.

02:18 United States

Most Opening Hits Before Playing "Sex Machine"

The RecordSetter Band

The RecordSetter Band performed 200 hits before playing "Sex Machine[]" by James Brown. The record was set at a RecordSetter LIVE! event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California. [#RSLIVE23][]


Most Health IT Acronyms Defined By A Team In One Minute

Sarah Gornto

Sarah Gornto and her teammates, Kathryn Calderone, Ben Barnes and Brendan Boerbaitz defined 24 health information technology acronyms in one minute.

00:34 Canada

Farthest Distance To Hit A Balloon With A Knife While Aiming Backwards Using A Mirror

Ryan Stock

Ryan Stock hit a balloon with a knife from eight feet away aiming with a mirror.

00:44 United States

Most Consecutive Rally Hits With A Jumbo Badminton Set

Jeremy Drake

Jeremy Drake and his friend completed 31 rally hits with a jumbo badminton set.

35:22 United States

Most Consecutive Rally Hits On One Side Of A Table Tennis Table

Collin Goan

Collin G. completed 2,511 consecutive rally hits on a single side of a table tennis table.

00:19 United States

Farthest Distance To Shoot A Balloon With A Crossbow

Fausto turro

Fausto T. shot a balloon with a crossbow from 35 yards away.

United States

Most Hits Made In A Single Hockey Game In "NHL 12"


Charles made 31 hits in a single hockey game playing NHL 12.

01:24 United States

Most Rubber Band Hits To A Soda Can In One Minute

Ryan Keating

Ryan K. hit a soda can with a rubber band 24 times in one minute.

01:32 United States

Most Rubber Band Hits To The Head Of A Person Wearing A Construction Helmet In One Minute

Ryan Keating

Ryan K. hit Berna on her construction helmet with a rubber band 32 times in one minute.

01:24 Canada

Most Hits Made In Two Periods Of "NHL Slapshot" (Wii)

Ty Gour

Ty made 329 hits in two periods of NHL Slapshot.

02:16 Wales

Fastest Time To Backwards Chip Five Table Tennis Balls Over A Five-Foot Fence Using A Golf Club

Mark Evans

Mark E. chipped five table tennis balls over a five-foot fence backwards using a golf club in 12.28 seconds.

01:54 Wales

Fastest Time To Reverse Chip Five Golf Balls Over A Five-Foot Fence Using A Golf Club

Mark Evans

Mark E. reverse chipped five golf balls over a five-foot fence using a golf club in 10.24 seconds.

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