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Longest Headstand With Legs Bent At Right Angle


Suresh Gaur performed a headstand with his legs bent at a right angle for two minutes, 25.13 seconds.

01:24 India

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball Bat On Index Finger While Headstanding


Suresh Gaur balanced a baseball bat on his index finger for one minute, 5.69 seconds while performing a headstand.

04:51 Denmark

Longest Headstand In A Shower

Mathias terkelsen

Mathias T. performed a headstand in a shower for four minutes, 46.81 seconds.

06:01 United States

Most Reps Completed In 3-3 Pull Ups - Headstand Presses Challenge

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 105 reps in a 3-3 pull ups - headstand presses challenge.

01:29 India

Tallest Card Tower Stacked While Doing a Headstand


Suresh Gaur stacked a card tower five stories high while performing a head stand.

00:31 United States

Fastest Time To Count To 200 By Fives While Doing A Headstand

Alex Ficachi

Alex F. counted to 200 in increments of five in 16.90 seconds while doing a headstand.

00:53 India

Longest Headstand While Moving Stomach In And Out

Sambuddha Chakravarty

Sambuddha C. performed a headstand for 51.69 seconds while moving his stomach in and out.


Fastest Time To Touch A String With Feet 100 Times While Holding A Headstand


Suresh Gaur touched a string with his feet 100 times in 35.15 seconds while holding a headstand.

01:49 United States

Longest Headstand While Wearing Mismatched Socks


Ethan performed a headstand for one minute, 44.50 seconds while wearing mismatched socks.

03:11 India

Longest Headstand While Holding An Exercise Ball Between Legs


Suresh G. performed a headstand for two minutes, 5.14 seconds while holding an exercise ball between his legs.

00:29 India

Longest Headstand On A Soccer Ball


Suresh G. stood on his head for 25.68 seconds while placing his head on a soccer ball.

01:57 United States

Longest Headstand On A Bed

Holly Smith

Holly S. performed a headstand on a bed for one minute, 47.73 seconds.

36:04 United States

Longest Head Stand Against A Wall

Conrad Foster

Conrad F. performed a head stand against a wall for 36 minutes, 1.27 seconds.

04:33 United States

Most Recitations Of The English Alphabet While Doing A Headstand

Namour Johnson

Namour J. recited the English alphabet 58 times while doing a headstand.

34:55 Nepal

Longest Indoor Headstand

Pramila Deuja "Paaramee"

Pramila D. stood on her head while indoors for 34 minutes, 55.00 seconds.

04:56 United States

Longest Headstand With A Bird On Foot

Tai Star

Tai Star performed a headstand for four minutes, 49.13 seconds with a bird on his right foot.

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