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United States

Tallest Birdie Tower Balanced On Someone's Head

Zay Zay and Jojo

While hosting an episode of RecordSetter Kids, Jojo stacked four birdies in a tower on Zay Zay's head, a RecordSetter World Record. Want to challenge his record? Have parental guidance and follow all rules listed on this page.

01:56 France

Most Types Of Hats Balanced On Head

X Master

X Master balanced 23 different types of hats on his head.

01:42 Pakistan

Most Times Moving Head Up And Down In 30 Seconds While Carrying A 12-Kilogram Weight With Teeth

Muhammad Irfan Mehsood

Muhammad I. moved his head up and down 34 times in 30 seconds while carrying a 12-kilogram weight using his teeth.

01:22 United States

Most Snapback Hats Balanced On Head

Gaven Øk

Gaven balanced 11 snapback hats on his head.

05:47 Canada

Longest Time Balancing An American Football On Face

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced an American football on his face for four minutes, 40.40 seconds.

United States

Most Letters Of The English Alphabet Recited In Order While Doing A Handstand And Patting Head

Austin Van

Austin V. recited 70 letters of the English alphabet in order while doing a handstand and patting his head.

United States

Longest Time Holding Foot Over Head While Singing "Cups"

Hailey Givens

Hailey G. held her left foot over her head for one minute, 22.97 seconds while singing Cups.

United States

Most Single-Handed Balloon Bounces While Balancing A Pillow On Head

Trinity martindale

Trinity M. bounced a balloon 12 times while balancing a pillow on her head.

00:09 United States

Fastest Time To Put Leg Behind Head

Alyssa Chesek

Alyssa C. put her leg behind her head in 0.16 second.

00:22 United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Rubber Toy Heads

Seth Magee

Seth M. completed six catches juggling three rubber toy heads.

00:51 Canada

Most Times Bouncing A Yoga Ball On Someone's Head In 30 Seconds

Jump Out La Salle

A member of Jump Out La Salle bounced a yoga ball on his friend's head 52 times in 30 seconds.

01:34 England

Slowest Headbutt

Ryan Moore

Ryan and his friend took one minute, 26.77 seconds to headbutt.

21:12 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Cell Phone On Head

Lillian Villanueva

Lillian V. balanced a cell phone on her head for 20 minutes, 33.02 seconds.

03:00 United States

Fastest Time To Put 100 Stickers On Own Face


Caroline V. put 100 stickers on her face in two minutes, 56.70 seconds.

01:31 United States

Most Consecutive Beach Ball Volleys Using Heads

Roberto Lopes

Roberto and a friend completed 115 consecutive beach ball volleys using their heads.

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