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United States

Most Head Flips In 30 Seconds

Christian ShowTime

Christian ShowTime completed seven head flips in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Burps While Balancing A Book On Head

Darian fulco

Darian F. burped 258 times while balancing a book on her head.

United States

Longest Time Balancing An Upside-Down Shoe On Top Of Head

Tyler Grimm

Tyler G. balanced an upside-down shoe on top of his head for three hours, one minute, 10.00 seconds.

United States

Longest Time Balancing Two Remote Controls On Head

Jireh Adalia

Jireh A. balanced two remote controls on his forehead for 10 minutes, 7.32 seconds.

United States

Most Steps Taken While Balancing Three Books On Head

Olivia lotz

Olivia L. took 47 steps while balancing three books on her head.


Longest Time Balancing 100 Juice Glasses On Head And 20 Wine Glasses On Mouth While Sitting

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced 100 juice glasses on his head and 20 wine glasses on his mouth for 12.93 seconds while sitting.

United States

Most Computer Screen Slaps On Head In 30 Seconds

Jack Lanhardt

Jack L. slapped his head with a computer screen 86 times in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Pop-Tarts Packages Balanced On Head While Walking 8 Feet

Jonathan Janas

Jonathan J. balanced six Pop-Tarts packages on his head and walked 8 feet.


Longest Time Balancing A Beer Bottle On Top Of Head

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a beer bottle on top of his head for 10 minutes, 11.16 seconds.


Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik's Cube While Balancing Two Books On Head

Tom Maguire

Tom M. solved a Rubik's cube in 14.33 seconds while balancing two books on his head.

Puerto Rico

Longest Time Balancing A Cell Phone On Head

kevin figueroa

Kevin F. balanced a cell phone on his head for 50 minutes, 34.00 seconds.

00:26 Philippines

Longest Time Balancing A Motorcycle On Head

Gerard Jessie

Gerard Jessie balanced a motorcycle on his head for 14.93 seconds.

05:04 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Pack Of 60 Golf Balls On Head While Balancing A Golf Ball On Top Of A Golf Club On Thumb And Balancing Another Golf Ball On Spoon Held In Mouth

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a pack of 60 golf balls on his head for three minutes, 31.94 seconds while balancing a golf ball on top of a golf club on his thumb and balancing another golf ball on spoon held in his mouth.

00:30 United States

Most Rings Thrown By One Person And Caught On The Head And Arms Of Three People

William Livingstone

William L. from St. Anne's Juggling Club In Cincinnati, Ohio threw nine rings. The rings were caught on the head and arms of his three friends.

03:20 United States

Most Hats Worn At Once

Austin Rader

Austin R. wore 61 hats at once.

00:55 United States

Most Pillows Stacked On Head While Eating Gummy Bears And Standing On One Foot

Cammy Bly

Cammy B. stacked four pillows on her head while eating Gummy Bears and standing on one foot.

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