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08:05 India

Longest Time Sitting On An Exercise Ball While Holding Toes With Hands

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. sat on an exercise ball for seven minutes, 49.22 seconds while holding his toes with his hands.

00:31 United States

Longest Time Holding A 55-Pound Anvil By The Horn (Left Hand)

Clint Poore

Clint Poore held a 55-pound anvil by its horn with his left hand for 14.96 seconds.

05:43 Israel

Most Dice Picked Up and Held In Hand In 30 Seconds

saar kessel

Saar K. picked up 74 dice and held them in one hand in 30 seconds.

01:07 United States

Most Alternate Index Finger Balloon Taps While Seated In One Minute

Brandon Peebles

Brandon P. hit a balloon 159 times in one minute, alternating between index fingers, while sitting.

03:13 Wales

Most Golf Balls Held In One Hand With Palm Down

Mark Evans

Mark E. held seven golf balls in one hand with palm down.

00:41 United States

Tallest Tower Of GameCube Games Held In Hand

jordan richter

Jordan R. held a tower of 63 GameCube games in one hand.

00:48 United States

Fastest Time To Pick Up Five Markers And Place Them In Hand


Viktor O. picked up five markers and placed them in his hand in 1.65 seconds.

00:56 India

Longest Time Balancing On Hands On A Slackline

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. balanced on his hands on a slackline for 46.48 seconds.

02:38 Netherlands

Most Dice Held In One Hand

quinten de

Quinten D. held 225 dice in one hand.

03:03 United States

Most Times Throwing A Hacky Sack Between Hands


Viktor O. threw a hacky sack from hand to hand 402 times.

03:43 Italy

Most AA Batteries Held In 30 Seconds

Silvio Sabba

Silvio S. placed 48 AA batteries in his hand in 30 seconds.

00:12 India

Fastest Gryphon Roll

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. performed a Gryphon roll in 1.52 seconds.

00:13 India

Fastest Time To Perform Two-Handed "Saber's Revo-Flipped" Card Cut

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. peformed a "Saber's Revo-Flipped" card cut using both of his hands in 3.36 seconds.

01:54 United States

Most Tennis Balls Held In Hands At Once

David Shyer

David S. held 20 tennis balls in his hands at once. He set the record as part of "Legend Setter", an interactive competition hosted by Heineken during the 2014 US Open for fans to participate in their own off-the-court challenges. A RecordSetter Official was present to adjudicate the attempt.

00:41 United States

Most One-Handed Claps In 30 Seconds

Noah Pretot

Noah P. completed 191 one-handed claps in 30 seconds.

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