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01:32 India

Fastest Time To Run 50 Meters On All Fours

Gaurav Bhaati

Gauravdeep Singh B. ran 50 meters in 9.72 seconds using both his hands and feet.

01:04 United States

Most Markers Held In One Foot At Once

Vyvy Tran

Vyvy T. held 12 markers in his foot at once.

04:36 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Didgeridoo On Foot While Standing On One Foot

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a didgeridoo on his right foot for four minutes, 3.10 seconds while standing on his left foot.

04:56 United States

Longest Headstand With A Bird On Foot

Tai Star

Tai Star performed a headstand for four minutes, 49.13 seconds with a bird on his right foot.

02:25 United States

Most People Attempting To Solve Rubik's Cubes While Blindfolded And Standing On One Foot


57 employees attempted to solve Rubik's Cubes while blindfolded and standing on one foot.

02:24 United States

Longest "Trapeze" Yo-Yo Trick While Balancing On One Foot

Ryan Connolly

Ryan C. performed a Trapeze yo-yo trick for two minutes, 19.32 seconds while balancing on one foot.

16:00 United States

Most Clothespins Attached To Feet

Mike Montgomery

Mike M. attached 68 clothespins to his feet.


Most Hula Hoop Rotations Around Foot While Lying Down

Mridula Shanker

Mridula Shanker hula hooped with her foot 175 times while lying down.

45:56 United States

Longest Time To Standing On Broken Glass

Kameron Messmer

Kameron Messmer stood on a pile of broken glass for 45 minutes, 16.63 seconds. NOTE: This feat is extremely dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals with safety precautions on hand.

00:53 England

Longest Time Balancing A Skateboard On Feet While Performing A Shoulder Stand

Oliver Bratley

Oliver B. balanced a skateboard on his feet for nine minutes, 1.30 seconds while performing a shoulder stand.

05:42 India

Longest Time Balancing A Hand Ball On Foot

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. balanced a hand ball on his foot for four minutes, 49.60 seconds.

01:24 United States

Most Consecutive Golf Ball Bounces On A Sledgehammer Held With One Foot

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan H. bounced a golf ball 129 times in a row using a four-pound sledgehammer held with his left foot.

07:06 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball Bat On Right Foot

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a baseball bat on his right foot for six minutes, 28.32 seconds

08:48 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 600-Pound Barbell Using Both Feet And Hands

William Cannon

William Cannon balanced a 600-pound barbell for 2.58 seconds using both of his feet and hands.

06:34 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 100-Pound Barbell On One Foot

William Cannon

William Cannon balanced a 100-pound barbell for two minutes, 58.49 seconds using his right foot.

01:11 England

Most Catches Juggling Three Balls In 30 Seconds While Standing On One Foot

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson completed 150 catches juggling three balls in 30 seconds while standing on one foot.

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