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00:21 United States

Most Consecutive Hacky Sack Wrap Arounds While Wearing Khaki Shorts

Kip Yerdon

Kip Yerdon completed twelve consecutive Hacky Sack wrap arounds while wearing a pair of khaki shorts.

03:27 Canada

Farthest Distance Walked With Two 10-Pound Dumbbells On Feet

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman walked 50 yards with two 10-pound dumbbells on his feet.

02:48 United States

Longest Time Hopping On One Foot While Simultaneously Rubbing Stomach And Patting Head

Brian Pankey

United States

Most Foot Dribbles With A Juggling Club While Juggling Three Clubs

Nick Laffey

Nick Laffey completed 30 foot dribbles with a juggling club on the ground, while juggling three clubs.

00:44 United States

Most Basketball Shots Made On A Mini Hoop While Yo-Yoing With A Guinness World Record Book Under Armpit And Putting A Cap On With Foot


Trevor made three basketball shots on a mini hoop while yo-yoing with a Guinness world record book under his armpit and putting a cap on using his foot.


Longest Time Hula Hooping Around Foot While Lying Down

Mridula Shanker

Mridula Shanker spun a hula hoop on one foot while lying down for one hour, 10 minutes and 57 seconds. See the entire attempt here.

00:48 United States

Most Hops On One Foot In 15 Seconds While Twirling A Lasso

Ella Louie

Ella Louie hopped on one foot 41 times in 15 seconds while twirling a lasso.

39:34 United States

Longest Time For A 13-Year-Old To Balance On Their Right Foot

Chandler S

Chandler S. balanced on his right foot for 38 minutes, 12.02 seconds. He performed the feat when he was 13 years old.

00:39 Australia

Most People Hopping On One Foot At Once


A total of 21 audience volunteers from The Ekka 2013 hopped on one foot at once.

02:46 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 185-Pound Barbell On One Foot

William Cannon

William Cannon Balanced a 185-pound barbell using his right foot for 13.03 seconds. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional stunt performer. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

04:04 Scotland

Longest One-Foot Wall Sit While Putting Hands Behind Head

William Cannon

William Cannon performed a wall sit on one foot for three minutes, 41.43 seconds with his hands behind his head.

04:39 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 300-Pound Barbell Using Both Feet

William Cannon

William Cannon balanced a 300-pound barbell for 18.34 seconds using both of his feet.

17:14 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 22.5-Pound Barbell On One Foot

William Cannon

William Cannon balanced a 22.5-pound barbell on his right foot for 15 minutes, 27.15 seconds.

05:24 Scotland

Longest Time Balancing A 73-Pound Barbell On One Foot

William Cannon

William Cannon balanced a 73-pound barbell on his right foot for three minutes, 50.67 seconds.

01:04 India

Most Basketball Dribbles Using Hand And Foot Alternately In One Minute

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur dribbled a basketball using his hand and foot alternately 144 times in one minute.

07:12 United States

Longest Time Balancing On Five Books On One Foot

Colin O'Connor

Colin O. balanced on five books on one foot for seven minutes, 7.68 seconds.

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