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01:07 The Internet

Longest Note Played On A Recorder

Dan Metzler

Dan M. played a note on a recorder that lasted 53.39 seconds.

00:48 United States

Largest Nose Flute Orchestra


465 attendees at Choralia VocalEssence Spring Gala performed a nose flute orchestra. The record was set during an event benefiting the VocalEssence Community Engagement Programs, ¡Cantaré! and WITNESS, which annually bring music to more than 5,000 K-12 students throughout the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

00:31 The Internet

Fastest Time To Play A G Major Scale On Flute

Glen Houston

Glen H. played a G major scale on the flute in 1.04 seconds.

00:22 United States

Fastest Time To Play "Under The Sea" On Flute

Samantha Neal

Samantha N. played Under The Sea on the flute in 20.61 seconds.

00:37 India

Longest Note Played On A Bamboo Flute While Balancing On A Balance Board


Jaykishan Hingu played a note on a bamboo flute for 31.53 seconds while balancing on a balance board.

06:10 India

Longest Time Playing A Flute With Nose

Soham Mukhopadhyay

Soham Mukhopadhyay played a flute with his nose for six minutes, 9.00 seconds.

03:33 India

Longest Time To Play A Flute Using An Inflated Balloon

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur played a flute using an inflated balloon for two minutes, 20.72 seconds.

01:43 United States

Most Taps Of A Pencil On A Flute Book

Noah Riffe

Noah RIffe tapped a pencil on a flute book 262 times.

00:48 Australia

Most Marshmallows Held In Mouth While Playing A Flute Through Nose And Crossing The Tropic Of Capricorn

Belinda Fic

Belinda Fic held 10 marshmallows in her mouth while playing a flute through her nose and crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

02:25 Belgium

Longest Time Balancing A Flute Horizontally On One Finger


VTKlustrum balanced a flute horizontally on his finger for two minutes, 6.35 seconds.

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