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14:52 India

Youngest University Student

Divya Prakash Pandey

Divya Prakash Pandey was admitted to the Craft and Design Program at the School of Engineering and Technology of Indira Gandhi National Open University[] at the age of six. Pandey has had a keen interest in pottery since childhood. He has achieved remarkable results during his course by recreating the famous magic trick "Water of India", designing different patterns and creating innovative ideas.

United States

Largest Group Of Students Learning Online During The School Day

In partnership with the Ohio Department of Education, eTech Ohio, Ohio Board of Regents, Ohio Resource Center and INFOhio, the Ohio Ed Techs led 29,370 students from different schools in learning online during their school day. They set the record to celebrate National Digital Learning Day and promote online opportunities for students in the state of Ohio. Learn more about the feat here.

03:24 United States

Youngest Person To Graduate With A Master's Degree In "Intelligence Studies"

Eugenie de Silva

Eugenie de Silva graduated with a master's degree in Intelligence Studies from American Military University at the young age of 15. Read more about the feat here.

00:36 United States

Most Computer Resource Specialists Doing The Wave

Virginia Beach City Public Schools Computer Resource Specialists

106 computer resource specialists performed the wave for 30 seconds. The group consisted of computer resource specialists from Virginia Beach City Public Schools.


Longest English Lesson

Andreas Luck

Andreas Luck taught an English conversation class to his students in Bangkok, Thailand that measured 79 hours and five minutes in length.

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