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United States

Most Coffee Cups On A Desk

Jase Laughington

Jase L. placed 11 empty coffee cups on his desk at once.

01:10 Israel

Tallest Plastic Cup Tower

saar kessel

Saar K. stacked 23 plastic cups on top of each other end-to-end.

08:06 United States

Tallest Styrofoam Cup Tower

Cam Blair

Cam B. stacked 21 Styrofoam 16-ounce cups on top of each other end-to-end.

00:41 United States

Longest Plastic Cup Spin

Nathan tidball

Nathan T. spun a plastic cup that stayed spinning for 26.32 seconds.

United States

Tallest Solo Cup Tower

Peyton Roden

Peyton R. stacked 405 red solo cups in a single tower.

United States

Largest Styrofoam Cup Pyramid On Top Of A Puzzle

Zack Depew

Robert Husty and Zack Depew built a 55-cup styrofoam cup pyramid on top of a Pittsburgh Steelers puzzle.

00:13 Australia

Tallest Paper Cup Tower

Peter Craig

This record was one of 14 records Peter Craig broke while setting the record for Most URDB World Records Broken In 10 Minutes.

United States

Largest Solo Cup Triangle

Eric Candino

Eric Candino, Tyler Johnson, CJ Robitsek, Chris Hein, Mike Bradely, and Michael Tischler made a triangular structure made out of 300 Solo cups. There were 24 cups at the base of the triangle. The team subtracted one cup for each tier until they got to the top.

United States

Largest Solo Cup Pyramid

Harshal Rana

Harshal Rana built a pyramid made of 3,311 Solo Cups.

00:29 Scotland

Most Glasses Clinked In One Minute

Andrew Robinson

Andrew R. clinked 122 glasses in one minute. He set the record as part of his group's regional meeting.

01:36 United States

Tallest Coffee Cup Tower

Brandon Boulton

Brandon Boulton stacked 19 Dutch Bros coffee cups in a single tower.

United States

Tallest Origami Paper Cup

Bradford Lindsey

Bradford Lindsey created an origami paper cup measuring 24 inches in height.

00:43 Germany

Most Times To Stack Four Dice With A Dice Cup In 30 Seconds

Maximiliano Pugliese

Using classic dice stacking form, Maximiliano P. stacked four dice 12 times in 30 seconds.

00:35 United States

Most Solo Cups Held Against A Wall At Once Using Body

Alex Young

Alex Young used her body to press 33 Solo Cups against a wall at once. Young set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS16][]

00:52 United States

Most Sippy Cups Sipped From While Riding In A Swing

Silas Good

Silas Good drank from seven different sippy cups while swinging.

United States

Largest Styrofoam Cup Triangle

Keenan Messmer

Keenan Messmer built a styrofoam cup triangle using 120 cups.

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