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Most Tickets Collected From Gifts In The Game "World Series Superstars"

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham collected 35 tickets as gifts from friends in World Series Superstars[].

United States

Largest Prime Number In A Tweet

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham posted a 140-digit prime number on Twitter. (6.67*10\^159)

00:14 United States

Most Runs Scored With One Hit In "World Series Superstars"

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham scored five runs with a single hit in World Series Superstar[].

01:10 United States

Largest Group Simultaneously Googling The Same Thing

iD Tech Camps Arizona State University

A total of 16 students from iD Tech Camps Arizona State University simultaneously searched for “ID Tech” on Google.

02:36 United States

Fastest Time To Type Alphabet Using One Hand

Christopher Roberts

Christopher Roberts typed the English alphabet in 2.49 seconds using just his right hand. He used the the typing game Finger Frenzy to achieve the world record.

02:53 United States

Fastest Time To Collect The Eight Red Coins In "Cool Cool Mountain" In Super Mario 64 While Holding The Baby Penguin

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham collected all eight red coins on Cool Cool Mountain in Super Mario 64 while holding the baby penguin in two minutes, 20.87 seconds.

01:43 United States

Most Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition "Wired" Questions Answered Correctly In One Minute

Jeff Rubin

Jeff Rubin answered 15 Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition “Wired” questions correctly in one minute. For a limited time, Rubin and his employer College Humor will donate $100 to charity in the name of anyone who can beat this record.

03:52 Canada

Most Links To On A Personal Web Page

Darryl Learie

Darryl Learie has 3,614 links that link toRecordSetter’swebsite on his personal web page.

United States

Most Consecutive Tweets Using Every Letter Of The Alphabet

Tim Atkinson

Tim Atkinsonposted 34 consecutivetweetsusing every letter of the English alphabet.

01:14 United States

Fastest Time To Create A Gravatar Account And Upload A Picture

Alex Cunningham

Alex Cunningham created a Gravatar account and uploaded a picture in 57.96 seconds.


Most One-Handed Space Bar Presses In 30 Seconds

Matthew Menard

Matthew B. Menard completed 258 space bar presses using one hand in 30 seconds.


Most Wins Against The Computer In Tetris Clash

Ryan Melvaer

Ryan Melvaer racked up 1022 victories playing against the computer in Tetris Clash.

00:04 United States

Fastest Time To Create An Isometric Cube Using Microsoft Word


Thomas McGinniss created an isometric cube in Microsoft Word in .81 seconds.

United States

Most "A"s In A Text Document


Thomas McGinniss made the letter ‘A’ appear 100,000,000,000 times in a single text document.


Most Comments On A Facebook Link To A Separate Facebook Page

Roberto Esposito

Roberto Esposito and his friends commented 301,000 times on a Facebook link to another Facebook page. NOTE: This is an evolving record. Please visit post to check current number of posts.


Shortest Email Address

Benjamin Bailey

Benjamin Bailey has an email address seven characters in length. The address is tag:RecordSetterBook01

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