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Most Kids Leaping On A Leap Day

Teal Beattie

Jack, Finn, Molly and 19 of their friends leaped at once on a leap day.

01:14 South Africa

Most People To Perform The "4-6-6-6-4" Hand-Clapping Game

Executive Mayor

City of Champion's Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan led 24 children from W.B Tshume Primary School in performing the "4-6-6-6-4" hand-clapping game.

02:00 South Africa

Largest Group Of Children Dancing The "Nae Nae Dance"

Executive Mayor

City of Champion's Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan led 47 children in dancing the Nae Nae dance.

00:19 United States

Fastest 30-Foot Run (Infant)

Tai Star

Tai Star's son, Vincent, ran 30 feet in 11.5 seconds. He is 339 days old.

00:52 United States

Largest Kids Zumba Class

Joseph Gillette

Joseph G. led 338 kids in a Zumba class. The class was organized by Fight Back With Fitness and Relay For Life Bergen Beach, Mill Basin & Marine Park. They set the record to promote cancer prevention through fitness and healthy lifestyle.

03:38 United States

Largest Children's Storybook

Nathan Dorrell

Nathan Dorrell created "The Story That Set The World On Fire," a children's storybook measuring six feet tall and 4.45 feet wide. The book is 2.25 inches thick and tells the story of Jesus' birth.

01:00 Canada

Most Jumps In One Minute By Two Siblings With A Combined Age Of 8


Mario's kids, 6-year-old Emily and 2-year-old Sophie, jumped a combined total of 96 times in one minute.

49:11 United States

Largest Audience At A Children's Storybook Reading

East TN PBS & Karns Elem. Sch.

A total of 1,322 people from East Tennessee PBS and Karns Elementary School gathered to attend a children's storybook reading. Read more about the event here.

01:30 United States

Longest Time For A Five-Year-Old To Balance On One Leg

Jake Johnson

Jake J. balanced on one leg for one minute, 24.35 seconds. He is five years old.

01:50 England

Most M&M's Eaten While Listening To A Children's Choir

Paul (Pabs) Melia

Paul (Pabs) Melia ate eight M&M's while listening to a children's choir.

03:45 United States

Largest Group Of Children To Read A Children's Book

City of Couer d'Alene

371 children read the children’s book Mudgy and Milie aloud. The record was set as part of a moose-themed event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

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