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04:28 India

Fastest Time To Place 100 Dried Peas In A Box Using A Straw


Shripad V. moved 100 dried peas from a bowl to a box in one minute, 48.60 seconds using a straw.

03:14 Canada

Longest Distance Walked While Balancing A Recycling Box On Top Of A Pole On Chin

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman walked 19.16 feet while balancing a recycling box on top of a pole on his chin.

01:47 United States

Fastest Rendition Of "If You Can't Hang" By Sleeping With Sirens While Running Around A Box

Mackenzie M

Mackenzie Machak sang If You Can't Hang by Sleeping With Sirens in one minute, 3.80 seconds while running around a box. She set the record as part of the College of Lake County Social Action Club's World Record Day fundraiser for the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center in Gurnee, Illinois. #WorldRecordDay2012

00:20 United States

Fastest Time To Hide In A Box

Joni Karvosenoja

Joni Karvosenoja hid himself in a box in 2.59 seconds.

00:57 Australia

Fastest Time To Stack Five Tissue Boxes Vertically


Brendan Kelbie stacked five tissue boxes vertically in 23.03 seconds.

11:03 United States

Highest Score In "Tetris" With "Next" Box Disabled (NES)

Ben Mullen

Ben M. earned 350,098 points in Tetris with the Next box disabled.

02:15 United States

Highest Score In B-Mode Level 9-5 Of "Tetris" (NES) With "Next" Box Disabled

Ben Mullen

Ben M. earned 24,202 points in B-Mode Level 9-5 of Tetris with the "Next" box disabled.

02:37 United States

Largest Cardboard Fort

Nick Clark

Nick Clark and members of Youth Making A Difference (YMAD) along with their sponsors Arvo and Tmbr built a cardboard box fort made of 12,301 boxes. They set the record to help raise money for an orphanage of 27 girls in Chamba, India.

03:41 Spain

Largest Wall Of Cardboard Boxes Knocked Down Using A Hybrid Human-Cardboard Battering Ram

OtraMovida Records

Anna Simon, a host at Otra Movida, knocked down 48 cardboard boxes dressed as a hybrid human-cardboard battering ram.

02:59 Canada

Longest Time Balancing Nine Boxes On Thumb

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced nine boxes on his thumb for two minutes, 00.06 second.

00:14 United States

Longest Time For Two People To Balance A Ball On Top Of A Box On Face

Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan and his friend balanced a ball on top of a box on their faces for 10.03 seconds.

02:22 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Recycling Box On Top Of A Pole On Chin

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a recycling box on top of a pole on his chin for one minute, 9.13 seconds.

United States

Longest Time To Balance Nine Wooden Boxes On Chin While Hula Hooping

Kyle Petersen

Kyle Petersen balanced nine wooden boxes on his chin for one minute, 18.52 seconds while hula hooping. The record was set at an event in the Dube Juggling showroom in New York City.

00:46 United States

Loudest Box Lid Slam

Death kor

Death Kor slammed a box lid, creating a sound reaching 104.9 decibels.

01:15 United States

Most American Pennies Stacked On An Ammunition Box

Gerald Fraas

Gerald Fraas stacked 170 American pennies on an ammunition box.

03:54 Canada

Most Bottles Tossed Into A Box Using Mouth In One Minute

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman tossed six bottles into a box using his mouth in one minute.

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