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03:41 Spain

Largest Wall Of Cardboard Boxes Knocked Down Using A Hybrid Human-Cardboard Battering Ram

OtraMovida Records

Anna Simon, a host at Otra Movida, knocked down 48 cardboard boxes dressed as a hybrid human-cardboard battering ram.

00:24 United States

Most Empty Boxes Knocked Down With A Broom While Riding A Pallet Jack

Guido Balducci

Guido Balducci knocked over 44 empty paper boxes with a broom while riding a pallet jack. The wall of boxes he’d set up originally had 55 boxes. tag:RecordSetterBook01

00:15 United States

Most Kittens Sleeping In A Box

Clint Poore

Six of Clint Poore's kittens slept inside a box.

06:42 India

Most Dried Peas Placed In A Box In One Minute Using A Straw


Shripad V. placed 68 dried peas from a bowl to a box in one minute using a straw.

01:22 United States

Most Boxes Of Christmas Cards Held In Hand While Dressed As Santa Claus

Clint Poore

Clint P. held 25 Christmas card boxes in his hand at once.

00:37 United States

Most Pizza Boxes Held By Two People At Once

Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith and Maria Shelton held a stack of 20 pizza boxes each, a total of 40 boxes held at once by two people. They set the record during Majors Pizza Appreciation Day in Albany, Kentucky.

02:59 Canada

Longest Time Balancing Nine Boxes On Thumb

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced nine boxes on his thumb for two minutes, 00.06 second.

The Internet

Longest Time To Balance Nine Wooden Boxes On Chin While Hula Hooping

Kyle Petersen

Kyle Petersen balanced nine wooden boxes on his chin for one minute, 18.52 seconds while hula hooping. The record was set at an event in the Dube Juggling showroom in New York City.

01:15 The Internet

Most American Pennies Stacked On An Ammunition Box

Gerald Fraas

Gerald Fraas stacked 170 American pennies on an ammunition box.

04:14 United States

Most Playing Cards Flipped Into A Box While Balancing An Egg On Hand

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankeyflipped 48 playing cards into a box while balancing a raw egg on the top of his non-throwing hand.

01:53 The Internet

Tallest Person To Fit In A 20x23 Inch Box

David Dargay

David Dargay, four feet and 10 inches (58 inches) tall, fit himself into a 20 x 23 inch box.

11:03 The Internet

Highest Score In "Tetris" With "Next" Box Disabled (NES)

Ben Mullen

Ben M. earned 350,098 points in Tetris with the Next box disabled.

02:21 The Internet

Most Tissues Pulled Out Of Box In 15 Seconds

Danny Rhodes

Danny R. pulled 40 tissues out of a box in 15 seconds.

00:39 United States

Tallest Zappos Delivery Box Tower Stacked In 15 Seconds

Jesi Vasquez

At the Bay to Breakers Pre-Race Expo in San Francisco, California, Jesi Vasquez stacked a tower of 15 Zappos delivery boxes in 15 seconds, a World Record. This one of eight world records set at the Expo. Additionally, the race itself set a world record for Most World Records Set During a Road Race (40). See all the records at

01:19 United States

Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces Into Three Plastic Boxes In One Minute

Charles Crutchfield

Charles C. bounced 55 table tennis balls into three plastic boxes in one minute.

01:00 Denmark

Most Juicebox Flips Onto A Table In One Minute

Christoffer Kjaer

Christoffer K. flipped a juicebox onto a table 57 times in one minute.

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