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00:9 United States

Highest Average Age Of Three People Riding A Three-Person Bicycle

Bob Swaim

Bob Swaim (66), Stanley Wohlbach (92), and Joseph Zeller (93) rode an unorthodox three-person bicycle on the Saucon Rail Trail. The average age of the three riders stood at 83.3 years at the time of the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

02:59 United States

Longest Time For A Coin To Spin In A Bike Tire

Tai Star

Tai Star put a coin in a bike tire and spun the tire with the coin for two minutes, 24.19 seconds.

00:18 United States

Most Catches Juggling Four Balls Behind Back While Bicycling

Cool Juggler

CoolJuggler completed 14 catches juggling four balls behind his back while bicycling.

00:38 Northern Ireland

Most BMX Back Hops With One Leg

Martin Tuson

Martin Tuson performed 64 BMX back hops using only his left leg.

01:57 United States

Most Times Saying "21" While Riding A Bicycle

Nathan Elliott

Nathan E. said “21” 154 times while riding a bicycle.

03:26 England

Fastest Time For Three People To Cycle From The Lowest To Highest Point Of Great Britain Using A Triplet Bicycle

Andy Gray

Andy Gray, Billy Spellman, and Andy Layland used a triplet bicycle to cycle from Holme Fen, the lowest point of the British Isles to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain and point in the British Isles. They cycled a total of 500 miles in five days. They set the record to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK. Read more about their feat here.

00:12 Northern Ireland

Most BMX Front Hops In 10 Seconds With Bars Turned 180 Degrees

Martin Tuson

Martin Tuson completed 46 BMX front hops in 10 seconds with the handlebars turned 180 degrees.

02:18 Canada

Longest Time To Bike Standing With One Leg On A Stationary Bike

Na-Ovalie Labelle-Thiphavong

Na-Ovalie Labelle-Thiphavong rode a bike standing with one leg for two minutes, 9.36 seconds on a stationary bike.

00:17 Algeria

Most Pedal Rotations On A Stationary Bicycle In 15 Seconds


Kamal A. completed 34 pedal rotations on a stationary bicycle in 15 seconds.

00:42 Northern Ireland

Fastest Time To Back Hop 100 Feet On A BMX

Martin Tuson

Martin Tuson back hopped 100 feet on a BMX in 38.58 seconds. He set the record at a BMX workshop at Conlig Presbyterian Church in Conlig, Northern Ireland.

02:01 United States

Largest Bicycle Pile On Top Of A Person

Andrew Lucas

Andrew's friends piled 11 bicycles on top of him at once.

00:11 United States

Most 180-Degree Hops On A Bicycle In 10 Seconds

Austin LaCount

Austin L. performed four 180-degree hops on his bicycle in 30 seconds.

00:57 United States

Longest Cycling Route Calculated In Google Maps

World Records For Everyone!

Jireh A. calculated a 24,449-mile cycle route using Google Maps. This route runs from Fairbanks, Alaska to Florida.

00:12 United States

Most Bunny Hops In The Back Of A Small Truck

Shane Norman

Shane N. performed 18 bunny hops in the back of a small truck.

00:25 United States

Most Bicycle Laydowns On A Railroad Crossing

Shane Norman

Shane N. performed 12 bicycle laydowns on a railroad crossing. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

00:30 United States

Most Bicycle Laydowns In The Back Of A Truck

Shane Norman

Shane N. performed 16 bicycle laydowns in the back of a truck.

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