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00:25 Italy

Heaviest Bicycle Inner Tube Ball

Gio Pozzo

Gio P. made a ball of bicycle inner tubes weighing 103 pounds.

01:08 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Four-Pound Balls In A Box Pattern

Nate Tower

Nate T. juggled three four-pound balls in a box pattern for 56.10 seconds.

01:12 United States

Longest Time Juggling Two Four-Pound Balls With One Hand

Nate Tower

Nate T. juggled two four-pound balls one-handed for one minute, 2.40 seconds.

02:41 United States

Most Consecutive Catches Between Two People While One Catcher Stands On Four Soda Cans On One Foot

Cody Mischler

Cody and his friend completed 102 consecutive catches while one catcher stood on one foot balanced four soda cans.

00:48 India

Most Times Passing A Ball Between Legs In 30 Seconds


Antony R. passed a ball between his legs 41 times in 30 seconds.

00:36 United States

Most Different Three-Ball Juggling Moves In 30 Seconds While Sitting On A Wheelchair

JJ Walker

JJ performed seven different three-ball juggling moves in 30 seconds while sitting on a wheel chair. He set the record to encourage and inspire wheelchair athletes to become record setters.

02:32 Ireland

Fastest Time To Kick Five Soccer Balls From Midfield Line Into Empty Net

Michael Keane

Michael K. kicked five stationary soccer balls from the midfield line into an empty net in 18.26 seconds.

03:21 United States

Longest Time Juggling Four Two-Pound Balls

JJ Walker

JJ juggled four balls weighing two pounds each for three minutes, 4.53 seconds.

00:53 Canada

Most Behind-The-Back Throws While Juggling Three Balls And Kneeling On An Exercise Ball

Mason Axcell

Mason A. performed five behind-the-back throws while juggling three balls and kneeling on an exercise ball.

00:44 Canada

Most Catches Juggling Two Basketballs One-Handed While Spinning A Basketball On A Pencil

Mason Axcell

Mason A. completed 42 catches juggling two basketballs one-handed while spinning a basketball on a pencil.

11:03 Canada

Most Sports Represented By Balancing

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a soccer ball, a hockey puck, a baseball and a tennis ball on top of a glass. This represents four sports: soccer, hockey, baseball, and tennis.

01:44 United States

Longest Basketball Jump Shot Over An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


Stevie from #Speedywiener made a successful jump shot over a 27-foot long Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

00:15 United States

Most Balls Flashed While Wearing Sweatshirt

Grant Kovel

Grant K. flashed seven beanbag balls while wearing a sweatshirt.

03:12 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Two-Pound Balls Over Head

JJ Walker

JJ juggled three two-pound balls over his head for two minutes, 39.13 seconds.

02:50 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Clubs While Balancing A Ball On Top Of Head

Joe Haramy

Joe H. juggled three clubs for two minutes, 43.83 seconds while balancing a ball on his head.

00:54 United States

Longest Time Spinning A Soccer Ball On The Tip Of A Pencil Held In Mouth

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced a spinning soccer ball on the tip of a pencil held in his mouth for 39.05 seconds.

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