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00:10 India

Fastest Reverse Revolution Card Cut While Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball On A Table Tennis Paddle

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. performed a Reverse Revolution card cut in 1.31 second while bouncing a table tennis ball on a table tennis paddle.

01:25 United States

Fastest Time To Perform 25 Thumb Card Cuts While Bouncing A Tennis Ball On Alternating Sides Of A Tennis Racket

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed 25 thumb card cuts in one minute, 22.25 seconds while bouncing a tennis ball on alternate sides of a tennis racket.

01:52 United States

Longest Time Juggling Three Balls In Cascade Pattern Using Two Ladles

Jason Horst

Jason H. juggled three balls in a cascade pattern for one minute, 43.37 seconds using two ladles.

01:31 United States

Most Bounces Of A Table Tennis Ball On Alternating Sides Of A Table Tennis Paddle While Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball On A Paddle On Other Hand

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey bounced a table tennis ball on alternating sides of a table tennis paddle 192 times one-handed while bouncing a table tennis ball on his other hand.

00:32 United States

Most Catches In 30 Seconds Juggling Three Balls Using Alternating Sides Of A Tennis Racket In One Hand

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 98 catches in 30 seconds while juggling three balls, holding a tennis racket in one hand and alternating racket sides between catches.

01:07 Scotland

Most Catches Juggling Nine Balls While Balancing A Juggling Club On Nose


Luke Davies completed 12 catches juggling nine balls while balancing a juggling club on his nose.

01:13 United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Four-Pound Balls In One Minute

Nate Tower

Nate T. completed 290 catches juggling three four-pound balls in one minute.

00:37 India

Most Consecutive Tennis Ball Bounces On Alternating Sides Of Hand In 30 Seconds

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur bounced a tennis ball 116 times on alternating sides of his hand in 30 seconds.

02:00 Australia

Farthest Backward Basketball Shot Made While Balancing A Plastic Rake On Left Shoulder


Brendan Kelbie made a successful backward shot from 22.32 feet away while balancing a plastic rake on his left shoulder.

02:44 The Internet

Farthest Backward Soccer Shot Into A Mini-Goal While Wearing Socks


EJ performed a backward soccer shot into a mini-goal 16 feet, 8 inches away while wearing socks.

00:8 United States

Farthest Distance To Bounce A Waboba Ball On Water


Vincent bounced a Waboba ball on water, achieving a total distance of 250 feet (3000 inches).

00:21 United States

Farthest Distance To Catch A Waboba Ball From One Bounce


Todd Amos caught a Waboba ball from a bounce 54 feet in distance.

03:16 Wales

Farthest Distance To Chip A Table Tennis Ball Into A Cuponk Cup Using A Golf Club

Mark Evans

Mark E. used a golf club to chip a table tennis ball into a Cuponk cup from a distance of 21 feet away.

04:21 United States

Farthest Distance To Launch A Table Tennis Ball From A Cup Into A Stack Of 10 Cups


JN2 launched a table tennis ball from a cup, causing it to travel a distance of 24 feet and hit a stack of 10 cups.

00:30 United States

Fastest 100-Meter Dash While Juggling Overhead

Nate Tower

Nate T. completed a 100-meter run in 25.10 seconds while juggling three balls overhead.

01:25 United States

Fastest Average Time Per Person In An Over/Under Exercise Ball Chain

ESI Design Team Members

32 people completed a successful over/under chain in 1 minute, 2 seconds using an exercise ball 4’ in diameter. The average time per person (TPP) was 1.9375 seconds. The record was set during the Ball-Popevent at the 2010 Come Out and Play Festival[] in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. URDB official Rob Birdsong was on hand as a witness. [#COAP01][]

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