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04:08 United States

Longest Eagle Pose With Bird On Shoulder

Tai Star

Tai Star held an eagle pose for three minutes, 11.47 seconds with a pet bird on his shoulder.

00:09 Ireland

Fastest Time To Make A Balloon Animal Behind Back


Ryan T. made a balloon animal behind his back in 3.87 seconds.

00:10 Ireland

Fastest Time To Make A Balloon Animal While Blindfolded


Ryan T. made a balloon animal while blindfolded in 3.13 seconds.

00:26 Canada

Longest Steady Howl From A Dog

Mitchie Dagger

Mitch Calder's dog howled steadily for 5.83 seconds.

00:3 Canada

Most Cats Pet At Once

Bryan Fetzko

Bryan F. pet three cats at once.

03:05 United States

Most Dogs Kissed In One Hour


Billy Disney kissed six dogs in an hour. He set the record as part of the Record, Set, Go web series. See the full episode here.

00:32 United States

Most Dogs Pet In 30 Seconds

Art Hoffman

Art Hoffman pet eight dogs in 30 seconds. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

01:19 Australia

Most Animal Sounds Correctly Guessed In One Minute

James Blaxall

James B. correctly guessed 11 animal sounds in one minute. He set the record on the set of 4BC Radio at Moyd and Loretta show during The Ekka 2013.

00:29 United States

Most Treats Balanced On A Dog's Nose

John Lucido

John L. balanced 55 dog treats on Mia's nose.

01:20 The Internet

Most Consecutive "Cat Surfs"

Angus Henderson

Angus Henderson and his cat completed 33 consecutive "cat surfs."

03:38 Australia

Most Streamers Attached To A Real-Life Nyan Cat

Skaidris Gunsmith

Skaidris Gunsmith attached five streamers to his cat, making it a real-life Nyan Cat.

00:31 Ireland

Smallest Balloon Animal


Ryan T. made a balloon animal measuring 2.8 centimeters wide and 2.1 centimeters high.

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