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United States

Longest Time Gargling Tequila


Brian gargled a shot of tequila for 31.3 seconds. NOTE: Must be of legal drinking age to attempt this record. #BM2007

01:45 United States

Largest Group Consumption Of A Shot Of Alcohol [ADULT]

Adam Fidler

Adam Fidler organized a group of twelve people who simultaneously did a shot off of a pair of skis.

00:44 United States

Fastest Time To Drink A Beer

Robert Butler

Robert Butler drank a 12-ounce bottle of beer in 2.96 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand. Must be of legal drinking age to attempt feat.


Largest Group Toast

Octavian Drulea

Octavian Drulea led a group toast in which 17 glasses were raised at once, a new world record. One participant clinked a virtual beverage: an iBeer application for the iPhone, which he then emptied on camera. Drulea set the record on February 17, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society event at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, California. Dan Rollman and Debbie Hampton were present as witnesses. #WRAS04

01:15 United States

Fastest Time To Make A ShamWow Cocktail

Opus Moreschi

Opus Moreschi made a ShamWow cocktail in 28.52 seconds, a new world record. He poured all the liquid ingredients of a Manhattan into a ShamWow, and then squeezed the towel into a glass. Timing stopped when the final ingredient, a maraschino cherry, was placed in the drink. Moreschi termed the resulting cocktail a “Shamhattan.” Moreschi set the record on May 20, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS06][]

03:47 United States

Fastest Time To Remove Cork From Empty Wine Bottle Using A Napkin

Sam Birdsong

Sam Birdsong removed a cork from an empty bottle of wine using just a napkin in two minutes, 55.47 seconds.

00:44 United States

Most People Wearing Snuggies And Sipping Margaritas In A Bathtub

Liz Tertinek

Five people (Liz Tertinek, Katie Rich, Alysse Cottle, Sara Wallitt and Sarah Gasbarro) sipped margaritas and wore Snuggies while sitting in a bathtub, a world record.

04:09 United States

Fastest Time To Drink A Pint Of Soda Water, Consume A Bowl Of Macaroni And Cheese With Chopsticks, Eat And Read A Fortune Cookie And Take A Shot Of Peach Schnapps

Danny Infinite

Danny Puskarcik drank a pint of soda water, consumed a bowl of macaroni and cheese with chopsticks, ate and read a fortune cookie and washed it all down with a shot of peach schnapps in three minutes, 39.30 seconds. NOTE: Stuffing food in your mouth and speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution and have adult supervision on hand.

03:22 United States

Longest Time Shaking A Margarita While Riding A Rodeo Bull

Tony Trafford

Tony Trafford shook a margarita for 3.0 seconds while riding a live bull at a New Zealand rodeo. Trafford used Jose Cuervo Silver in the drink, creating what he called a “Raging Bull Margarita.”

00:15 United States

Longest Toy Monkey Chain Held While Drinking A Shot [ADULT]

Gary Gazaryan

Gary Gazaryan held a monkey chain 20 monkeys long while taking a shot.

United States

Most Wine Corks Held In One Hand

Kellen Potter

Kellen P. held 60 wine corks in his hand at once.

00:47 England

Most People Drinking Bloody Marys On A Staircase

Kristian Foy

22 people drank Bloody Marys on a staircase, a world record.

United States

Largest Sports Team Bar Bill

Boston Bruins

To celebrate their Stanley Cupvictory, the Boston Bruins hockey team ran up a $156,679.74 bill. Full story here:

United States

Largest Bloody Mary Toast

Bricks Sports Bar & Grill

A total of 83 people from Bricks Sports Bar & Grill in Colorado Springs toast their Bloody Mary cocktails. They set the record to raise money for Black Forest Fire & Rescue.

01:26 United States

Fastest Time To Drink A 24-Ounce Can Of Beer


eeK drank a 24-ounce can of beer in 5.78 seconds. NOTE: Speed drinking can be dangerous. Please use caution when making an attempt.

United States

Most Lit Sparklers In An Alcoholic Beverage

Lanie Smith

lsmith3111 had an alcoholic beverage containing five lit sparklers.

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