Most Justin Bieber Songs Named In 15 Seconds

United States

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States / June 14, 2011

A participant at iD Tech Camps Vanderbilt University named a world record 36 Justin Bieber songs in 15 seconds.


- each song title must be clear and audible
- reading song names permitted
- must name entire titles (short form not permitted)
- songs with special guests are acceptable
- other artists' songs featuring Justin Bieber will not be counted
- must observe RecordSetterSetter fast speech rules


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  • Canada Madyson Doucet

    half of thos songs are not even Justin Bieber songs

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Madyson, can you be more specific? We will revise the count if necessary.

    • Canada Madyson Doucet

      to me there is only 10 i heard that are real songs. this is a list of every song Justin Bieber has aatw alaulm baby be alright b&ab believe bigger born to be somebody boyfriend catching feelings common denominator die in your arms eenie meenie fall favourit girl i would kiss and tell lolly love me love me like you do maria never let go never say never nothing like us ollg one love one time out of town girl over bored pray right here runnyaway love she dont like the lights sombody to love stuck in the momnet take you that should be me thought 0f you turn to u u smile yellow rain coat

    • Canada Madyson Doucet

      here is a better put list all a around the would, as long as you love me, baby, be alright, beauty and a beat, believe, bigger, born to be somebody, boyfriend, catching feelings, common denominator, die in your arms, eenie meenie, fall, favourit girl, i would, kiss and tell, love me, love me like you do, maria, never let go, never say never, nothing like us, one less loney girl, one love, one time, out of town girl, overbored, pray, right here, runnyaway love, she dont like the lights, sombody to love, stuck in the momnet, take you, that should be me, thought 0f you, turn to you, u smile, Yellow rain coat and soon to come out, hartbreaker.

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Which ones are you claiming he says are JB songs that aren't JB songs? He seems to be reading off a list, which I assume to be JB songs.

    • Canada Madyson Doucet

      bieber, speechless, ohmaha mall, pick me, second chance, jb rap, big brown eyes, pretty boy swag, you should pick me, where are you know, cant live with out you, cry me your hearts. thos were the ones i picked out on after listen to it a few time to get them all, they are not real songs.

    • United States Jenn Wark

      All of these songs are JB songs. Many of them are not on albums or were special performances, (i.e. Omaha Mall ft. Kenny Hamilton & Ryan Good)

      They do all check out as legit songs, all available on various sites.

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    thanks Dan... (thumbsup!)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Nikki, I added the "reading" element to criteria.

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    it seems like he's reading on something? is it permitted? just want to clear on that so we can put it up in the criteria.

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