Most Golf Ball Bounces On A Sand Wedge In 30 Seconds While Wearing Two Wigs, Strength Shoes And Holding An Umbrella

United States Chad Lee

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Cheraw, South Carolina, United States / July 1, 2009

Chad Lee bounced a golfball on his sand wedge 87 times in 30 seconds while wearing two wigs, strength shoes and holding an umbrella.


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  • United States Timothy Bost

    Timothy Bost

    can anyone try to beat this without all the extras? i think i could beat it, but i dont want to try with all the other stuff

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Hi Matt. Probably about 75% of our records never appear on the homepage. The records we put there are generally simple, innovative, impressive and well-documented. As I noted above, we didn't put this one on our homepage because we felt the frivolous elements distracted from the impressiveness of your feat. Without the wigs, etc., it would've been a homepager for sure. Our long-term vision is to put these types of decisions into the hands of the community. Similar to Digg, we'll let users choose which records deserve to make the homepage. If anyone has more thoughts on this, please share. We'd love to hear people's thoughts.

  • United States Matt Parker

    Matt Parker

    Why was this record never on the front page?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Tremendous performance. My only wish was that he didn't bother adding all the superfluous elements - wigs, umbrella, etc. The simplicity of Most Golf Ball Bounces On A Sand Wedge In 30 Seconds would be rad.

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