Farthest Behind-The-Back Basketball Shot Made On An Adjustable Basketball Hoop

United States


Stambaugh, Kentucky, United States / January 20, 2012

Andy Pelphrey made a successful behind-the-back basketball shot on an adjustable basketball hoop from a distance of 29.96 feet (359.5 inches).

- must be attempted on an adjustable basketball hoop
- hoop must be taller than 10 feet
- must measure height from the rim to the ground
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Andy Pelphrey

    anything taller than 10 feet would be fine with me. i sent in either a picture or video of the exact height when i did this, cant remember though exact height. good luck Pete if you try it. God Bless

  • United States PeteM

    This record's somewhat vague. How tall should the hoop be?

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