Most Dab Dance Moves In One Minute

United States Parker Durant


Ocala, Florida, United States / March 22, 2017

Parker D. performed the dab dance move 284 times in one minute.

- each arm move in one direction counts as a single "dab"
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Jagger


    I have to do 285 dabs in 1 minute to beat the record???

  • United States Marco Cardinali

    Marco Cardinali

    Dear Mr. Durant, This is an invalid record and would be considered cheating because THERE IS NO STRAIGHT ARM WHILE DABBING. in this community we do not appreciate it when somebody gets a HALF ARSED world record. If you would like to meet up in person and discuss the validity of the record you must contact me at if you wish to keep your dignity.

    Sincerely, Marco

    • United States SnoopJonson


      who the fuck cares its the most dabs in a minute you think oxford college is gonna accept him with this shit the hell they wont if anything its gonna make him less likely to succeed

    • England Matt Wright

      Matt Wright

      Yeah but hes really cool isnt he

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