Most Neck Catches From A Three Ball Cascade Pattern In 30 Seconds

United States Brian Pankey

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / November 19, 2011

Brian Pankey completed 13 consecutive neck catches from a three ball cascade pattern in 30 seconds.

- neck catch must be performed after at least three catches in juggling pattern
- must use neck to toss ball back into cascade
- catches must be consecutive; dropped catches invalidate the attempt
- catches must be performed completely within the time frame; incomplete catches will be deducted from the final total
-any size/weight ball is permissible


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  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    No seriously as soon as 4 seconds into the video it's only two catches before the neck catch. I'm sure you can do this with full three catch cascades no problem.

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    whatever Pete

  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    Sorry Brian, but this doesn't follow the criteria. You don't always do a complete cascade.

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