Most Consecutive 360s On A Kneeboard


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Swan River, Manitoba, Canada / September 12, 2009

Chase Jordan Ellingson completed 299 consecutive 360s on a kneeboard.


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  • The Internet Christopher Kohntopp

    Ummmm I was on one today and I was on for 25 minutes

  • The Internet jared

    no body gonna tell me there shit are they im posten it tomorow!!!!!

  • The Internet jared

    f u alll i got 504 and damaged the rope i fillmed it on facebook i cant sighn up for this stupid wepsite its bullshit im 14 dame i kicked his ass!!!!!!!

  • The Internet G Christopher

    record it then dummy

  • i got another recored 299!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I smashed your record my old record was 173.This firday i smashed that one. I got 209!!

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