Coldest Temperature To Tweet From

United Arab Emerates

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Muscat, Oman / February 1, 2013

Bader Al and his friends tweeted inside an industrial freezer set at -20 degrees Celsius. They set the record to raise awareness about environmental issues. See their tweets here.

CAUTION: Extreme temperatures can be dangerous. Please exercise caution when attempting this record.

- must provide live Twitter links
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Hi Bader. I love the concept here, but don't understand how cold tweets showcase environmental awareness in Oman. Can you explain the project a little more?

    • United Arab Emerates Bader Al Lawati

      Hey there dan, all tweets were environmental tweets from celebrities here in oman, and we had made a buzz asking the community to join us in the conversation :) The aim was to get people talking about the issues

    • United Arab Emerates Bader Al Lawati

      Also, I forgot to mention. ....I was a part of an antarctic expedition to raise awareness, and that has become a local story, thats why the freezer (its what we used to train)

    • The Internet Rob Cavedo

      how many world records did your expedition set?

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